Friday, July 18, 2008

Big ol' time

Our friends Mike & Clark and Ron & James are arriving from VA today for their annual weekend visit. This will be their 6th summer visit with us here at the beach.

They should be rolling into town somewhere around noon and will take advantage of the tax-free shopping at the various outlet stores in Rehoboth.

Technically today is a work day for me but I am planning to finish up the housecleaning and general tidying up of the house while checking my computer for any necessary work items throughout the day. Spouse & I finished the 'big' housecleaning and the grocery shopping yesterday.

We've invited 'the usual suspects' over to our house tonight for our Fri Night Dinner, rather than going to a restaurant, so they can meet Mike & Clark and Ron & James, and because we'll be celebrating birthdays tonight. Spouse baked a turkey yesterday evening and made potato salad last night. Today he'll pull all the meat off the turkey.

We'll serve the loose meat with rolls and 3 different sauces: barbeque, cranberry relish, and mango/apricot/pineapple chutney, as well as the potato salad and baked beans. We bought a decorated birthday cake at the grocery store.
James' birthday was June 30, Mike's birthday is today the 18th, and Spouse's birthday is Sun the 20th. So we're planning to have a big ol' time tonight with our friends from VA and 'the usual suspects' from our Fri Night Dinner Group.

After a breakfast of bagels, juice, and coffee on Sat, the 6 of us are planning to go to the beach, and then out for a fancy birthday dinner.

Sun Spouse is making a big 'Sun morning breakfast' of oatmeal-blueberry pancakes and a sausage-cheese-egg casserole with juice and coffee. We'll likely be too full from breakfast to even think about lunch. I believe Sun will be spent mostly just talking, laughing, and enjoying time with our friends before they leave Sun afternoon.

These are good friends and I am looking forward to their visit!

Speaking of good friends, Bugsy has graciously bestowed upon me a Brillante Weblog award! Thanks Bugsy! Here it is:
My instructions were to receive the award with deep gratitude, display it on my blog, and pass it onto 5 other deserving bloggers, so that's what I'm doing.

Congratulations to Tornwordo of Sticky Crows, cb of The Mangina Monologues, David of David Dust, You of 2nd Person: Tales of the Gay YOUniverse, and Errol of A Rad Homo for always providing me with something great to read, look at, think about, or laugh over.

Happy Friday, and I hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

Crush du Jour: Danny Russell


mistress maddie said...

Mark-you have some very intresting stories here on your blog.I love to read thoughts of people and thing they do daily.And your Crush du Jour are very nice I must say!iI like quite a few of them!In your profile I see you live in Lewes.My partner and I go to Rehoboth quite a bit with friends who have a home there.iI love it there so much,and it's not that far from Philly.Just dropping a line to tell you love the blog!

You said...

Hahahahaha! Thanks for the nice compliment & the plug! And that gorgeous crush du jour is KILLING me softly... Although I would prefer it hard.

RAD said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend with the "usual suspects"! Have a wonderful weekend with all you going on and a special wish for the b day boys too! And a Big THANKS for the award- Awwwwww shucks! Im going to proudly put it on my blog...Have a good weekend my freind! :-)

Bugsy said...

Dinner sounds delicious! Please pass along my Birthday Wishes to the birthday boys!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Love the crush du jour today! Nice!

Kealie Shay said...

Okay, so I'm a goober... you'll see why WAAAAAAAAY down on your posts.

Anyway, sounds like y'all will be having some fun. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.

tornwordo said...

Sounds like big fun! Thanks for the award.

David Dust said...

Thanks for the award, my dear. I hope you had a fantastic weekend!