Thursday, July 24, 2008

Funny words, photos, and a video

You're probably aware of the psychology of 'taking back' hurtful or emotionally-charged words so they can no longer hurt. For a while there was a big push for gay people to 'take back' words like fag and queer, and now it isn't uncommon to hear or read those words used by gay people in a non-offensive way.

After the hysteria of Sept 11, 2001 wore off it seemed as if people who wanted to get a rise out of others would use the word 'terrorist'. "Why is that sales clerk acting like a terrorist?" "That article must have been written by a terrorist." You get the point.

In an effort to 'take back' the word 'terrorist' and reduce its emotionally-charged nature, Spouse & I have been using it in casual conversations for years. Yeah, we can be a little twisted at times. But last night something went a little awry during a bedtime conversation.

I was tickling Spouse on the side of his torso just after we'd gotten in bed. He squirmed, laughed, and said "Stop that!" Getting the desired reaction, I continued to tickle him. He continued to squirm and laugh, and repeated "I said stop that!" Then I thought I heard him add "You're acting like an anal terrorist!"

"WHAT???" I asked. "An anal terrorist?"

Spouse clarified "No, I said EVIL terrorist." That certainly made more sense.

But as my mind reflected back to what I thought he'd said (anal terrorist) I began laughing hysterically. Spouse just didn't get it, and kept asking me what was so funny. When my laughing subsided enough to allow me to speak, I suggested how funny it was that I thought he'd said "anal terrorist", and I erupted into even more laughter.

After several more minutes of me laughing and him thinking I'm insane, I said "I wonder what you'd have to do to be declared an 'anal terrorist'? Threaten to torture people with your lethal farts?" This caused even more laughter as I continued to conjure up valid actions that would deserve the designation. Spouse finally indicated in a somewhat scolding tone that he would like to go to sleep now, if I would finally stop laughing.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds the term "anal terrorist" to be really funny!

Now for a few funny photos. (Photos may be clicked to enlarge.) This one was taken by my friend Michael of the Newlyweds during a recent surprise birthday trip to San Francisco.
'Does Your Mother Know' is a great, kitchy store in the Castro that sells all kinds of fun stuff that appeal to gays and lesbians. The store's name still makes me laugh.

This photo was taken by Q Allan Brocka, the creator, writer and director of "Eating Out", "Boy Culture", and "Rick & Steve: The Happiest Gay Couple in All the World", of a hair salon in Toronto. Now we know where all the Toronto Hos get their 'hair did'. I think this is funny!

This one was also taken by Q Allan Brocka. The Spotted Dick is a restaurant, believe it or not! How funny is that? I've heard its very popular among gay men, but NOT with lesbians. Huh. Go figure.
Okay, enough of my sophomoric humor for today.

Check out this very clever and funny video about cats. Its great!

Crush du Jour: Thomas Kretchmann


Shirley Heezgay! said...

ho's is right in the heart of toronto's gay village. he's fast, he's good and he's cheap...i mean, inexpensive. great if you're in a pinch for a new 'do.

the spotted dick is also from toronto, but i haven't been there. shirley doesn't like pubs.

Sam said...

I've got to remember anal terrorist. I can think of so many situations where it would work.

tornwordo said...

I was thinking anal terrorist, he never attacks because he has to have everything just so.