Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mobile Home Disaster

I am not a country music fan, so it may surprise you (much as it did me) that I discovered a fun new TV show on CMT (Country Music Television) called 'Mobile Home Disaster'.

Basically, 'Mobile Home Disaster' is CMT's version of HGTV's show 'Deserving Design', where a 'deserving' family gets a make-over on 2 rooms of their house. But on 'Mobile Home Disaster' they take it a step further by doing a complete mobile home make-over; every single room, inside and out.

If you're still reading this you've probably already come up with 101 jokes about 'trailer park trash' and such. This show is really cool in that it is sensitive to the fact that for some families, living in a mobile home or trailer is their best or only option. Just because one lives in a mobile home doesn't mean it can't be attractive and functional.

The host of the show is a funny guy called Cap, which is short for his last name Caparulo. He's kind of a 'good ol' boy' with a great sense of humor. His voice, facial expressions, and jokes with the crew and homeowners usually make me laugh out loud.
One of the carpenters is named Joe, on the left. He always wears a sleeveless shirt, and I think he's kind of sexy.
The other carpenter is Kyle, and he can often be found working shirtless, which makes the show even more fun to watch, m'kay? I'm just sayin'.
If Kyle looks familiar to you it may be because he used to be a fashion model.

They also have a designer, Lori Lynn, who picks the colors and decorates the homes with all new furniture, lighting, TVs, and such.

The mobile home make-overs are really good. They often tear out that old, dark sheet paneling and put up drywall. They replace the tired and dated kitchens with completely new ones, from cabinetry to appliances. In some episodes they even add on rooms.

Another fun element of this show is that in every episode Cap always throws together some kind of food/fun/social event for all of the park residents. Everyone gathers for a cook-out or something before Cap reveals the remodeled mobile home to the owners. I like that they involve the entire community.

I've become addicted to this show and like that they re-run past episodes all the time. Give it a try, even if you're skeptical, and see if you don't like it too.

Crush du Jour: Justin Clynes


David Dust said...

Holy Lord in Heaven Above:

You watch a show on the COUNTRY music channel about fixin' up trailer homes?!? Seriously?!?

Ok - the guys are cute (I even think this "Cap" person is cute - I like 'em chubby) but TRAILERS?!? Foreals????

Good GOD - if I wasn't already recapping 3 shows, I would TOTALLY have to give this HOT MESS a try!

BTW - How u durrin?...


Java said...

It looks wonderful! When is it on? If I get to watch Kyle and Joe flex their muscles and re-style a trailer, that's more fun than this girl has most days.

I think I saw one episode once a while ago. They repainted this old nasty trailer to look like that famous colorblock painting with white and primary colors. Can't remember the artist. Anyhow, it was a cool show.

Joe and Kyle, while really hot, are ice cubes compared to Justin Clynes.

Bugsy said...

Wow! With all those hunky guys I'd watch it! Sadly, I don't have cable! :-(

tornwordo said...

If I had country music tv, but I don't. Sounds like a hoot.

cb said...

It's about time that someone decided to help these mobile fashion disasters.

During demolition day- do they just wait for a tornado to come through??