Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What to do next

I'm trying to stay focused on solutions rather than the problem. Thinking too much about the problem is very depressing. There's so much to think about!

What do I really want to do?

What am I qualified to do?

What would I like to learn how to do?

How/when do I tell friends?

What are our expenses?

How much money do we need to stay current?

What are the financial options?

I definitely need to make a list of all the stuff I need to do, research, consider, and take care of. Spouse is being very sweet and supportive, but its really hard for me not to panic.

Crush du Jour: David Costa


A Lewis said...

You've got a good head start already on thinking things through and making a list...your talents, who is hiring, something you'd like to do but have never had the opportunity (until now). Keep at it. I imagine that things will begin to formulate for you over the next few days or a week.

MadeInScotland said...

Definitely don't panic.

Do not rush into bad decisions; presumably you will get a financial blanket to help you through the next few months.

Don't panic!

Good luck,

Anonymous said...

The job must be getting uglier. Sorry to hear that.

I'm sort of doing what I love, working with computers but I honestly cannot see myself staying in the current job more than a year or so before I want to kill someone.

So I definitely understand your angst. What I really want to do is buy a shitload of rental property. We're talking 40+ units of it.

Average rents around here are about $800 a month so that would be $32,000 a month in income.

Sure, taxes will eat up some of that, and mortgages but the mortgages go away after awhile and I'll be accelerating the hell out of those.

John Gray said...

just caught up with your blog.... so sory about the job! must be a very worrying time for you...

you are (obviously ) bright, articulate, well loved, and balanced....

when this door closes another WILL open... best wishes=john

Jeff said...

Focus on your crush du jour and don't panic! :) I have ultimate confidence in you!

Sean said...

So sorry but this may be the way the universe guides you to where you should be.

Bob said...

Mark, I have been remiss in my blog reading of late so I missed your recent postings.
Sorry to hear that news, but I do believe something better will come along.
And,as others have said, don't panic.
It's a glitch, and you and Spouse will get through it.