Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today is Spirit Day, where everyone is encouraged to wear purple to raise awareness of the 6 young lives lost in recent weeks due to the effects of anti-gay bullying and harassment.

I should have planned ahead and written a special post about this, but I've been a bit pre-occupied with the unexpected news that I'm going to be laid off. Fortunately, others have written some lovely posts for this occasion so I'll share them with you. Please take a moment to read these:

Great job, Gentlemen!!

And just in case you've been hiding under a rock and haven't seen all the fabulous celebrity "It Gets Better" videos, click on Kevin's posts or click here.

Today I'm wearing a purple polo shirt. Notice in this clip from tonight's show that Keith Olbermann was wearing a purple tie. I heart Keith for so many reasons.

Crush du Jour: Louis Van Amstel


A Lewis said...

PLUS, we're all going to wear purple when we're old anyway.....

Breenlantern said...

Thanks for the nod, friend, and for wearing the color. I hope some day we all care more about each other.

anne marie in philly said...

ummmmmmmmmmm, me likey the crushy...such nice eyes!

Anonymous said...

In my office only two of us wore purple. There's me and I'm gay, and then another who is transgender.

Yeah - pretty progressive place.