Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flu shot

Last week when I had my physical my doctor highly recommended I get a flu shot. I told him I'd never had a flu shot and had never gotten the flu. I reminded him that I work at home so I wasn't as susceptible as most people. He was not convinced.

He advised me that people DIE every year from the flu. Not having gotten the flu before doesn't mean I won't get it in the future. He said it was better to get the flu shot and be protected than to not get a flu shot and be vulnerable. He really made me think about it.

This morning I saw on Facebook that our local GLBT center had partnered with the local hospital to provide free flu shots. So when Spouse got home (early) from work we headed over to the GLBT center for our shots. Spouse gets a flu shot every year because he works in a public facility. Since I had never had one before I was instructed to wait for 15 minutes after getting my shot to be sure I didn't have a reaction. It was a beautiful day so Spouse went for a walk while I waited.

After my 15 minutes were up I was free to go. I exited the GLBT center and walked a few feet down the sidewalk and BAM!! I suddenly felt flushed and nauseous. I could tell I was sweating. Then I lost my vision for a few seconds and felt like I was going to pass out. I put my hands out to try and catch myself as I started to go down. Fortunately I was caught by a brick retaining wall so I didn't actually hit the ground.

Coincidentally one of the nurses walked out of the GLBT center and saw what was happening and said "Are you alright, hon?" I responded "I think I might have left a few minutes too soon." She came over, grabbed my arm and helped me back into the GLBT center. I laid down on the sofa and the nurse said "You're very pale. You stay here and I'm going to check your blood pressure."

My color returned to normal and my blood pressure wasn't unusual. Apparently a very small number of people have reactions to flu shots if they've never had one before. Who knew?

Within 10 minutes I was able to walk around the GLBT center without issue so they let me go home. I asked Spouse to drive, just to be on the safe side.

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behrmark said...

I know I encouraged you to get a flu shot and now I feel HORRIBLE that you had a reaction! I'm so sorry! Feel better - HUGS!

anne marie in philly said...

I get one every year due to my asthma condition.

Anonymous said...

Up to 20 percent of people can still have a vasovagal syncopal reaction beyond 15 minutes after getting an injection (80 percent less than 15 minutes.) It's not a reaction to the components in the flu shot per se, but the body's reaction to getting the shot itself. This is probably what happened.

cb said...

I got my flu shot on Friday. It still feels like someone slugged me in the shoulder.

But that's how it always feels for me.

I think you'll be glad you have it. Trust me, you do NOT want the hiney flu (H1N1).