Monday, January 18, 2010

Long weekend highlights

Sat morning Spouse went to his personal trainer appointment, and Steven and I went to an estate sale nearby. Like most 'estate sales' around here, everything was overpriced. Steve found 3 boxes of vintage Christmas balls for his silver Christmas tree, but didn't buy them because they were way too expensive. They wanted $75 for all 3 boxes! Afterward we went to breakfast and I did well on my diet by not eating the home fries or toast. Steven dropped me off at home and I drove Big Ella over to the staging area so she could be in the Martin Luther King Jr parade. It was fun and I received a plaque for our participation.

Spouse and I did some shopping and I picked up some canvases and paints at Michael's Village Crafts. When we returned home Spouse watched TV while I worked on my art. I suggested we have a 'date night' where we'd have a nice dinner out followed by a movie. Spouse wasn't so much interested in seeing a movie so we just had dinner. It was sort of 1/2 of a date I guess. We decided to eat at Fish On! because we knew we would have a nice meal without blowing our diets, and because we had a gift card. Its an upscale restaurant that sort of looks like it belongs in Manhattan. We both started with salads of mixed greens with bleu cheese crumbles, then Spouse had salmon with roasted brussel sprouts and acorn squash. I had scallops with baby spinach in a lemon caper broth. Both were delicious and we successfully resisted their decadent Big Fat Chocolate Cake. When we returned home we watched Project Runway on the DVR and then went to bed.

Sun it rained all day. We decided to have a lazy day of TV watching, computing, and napping. I trimmed my goatee because it was looking too shaggy. It still hasn't filled in the way I wish it would, but at least it looks neater than before. We didn't leave the house until 4:30 when we went to Steven & Thad's for dinner. They were having tortilla-free taco salad and invited us to join them. We were impressed by their fancy presentation! All the taco salad ingredients were neatly chopped and pleasingly arranged in a large round divided container. I teased them about being fancier fellows than I had given them credit. We had a really nice evening hanging out with them and watching the Golden Globes. Usually I find awards shows tend to get kind of boring, but I have discovered the secret is to watch them with other gays. The 4 of us critiqued the stars' gowns, hair, and make-up during the red carpet show. It was fun! We also had a pretty wild thunder and lightning storm. Thank god the electric and cable didn't go out!

Spouse & I were both off on Mon for MLK Jr day. We tidied up the kitchen a bit, ran a few errands, went for a short walk on the beach, and then met our buddies Kozet & Jim for lunch. We met them at the gay car club awards banquet last Sept and discovered they live in the neighborhood where Spouse & I first lived together. They are nice guys and we had a very enjoyable time. Again I stayed on my diet by having a Greek chicken wrap and NOT eating the delicious french fries that came with it.

After lunch Spouse & I did our weekly grocery shopping, and then I went to my personal trainer appt early since I was off and Rick had an opening. Instead of getting home at 7:30, I was hope at 5:30, which was nice. I made bison burgers and baked beans for dinner. They taste similar to hamburgers but have virtually no fat and are a great source of protein. We watched TV and went to bed early.

Crush du Jour: Cory Bond


robertga99 said...

Wow, Cory Bond is one hot stud!
Thanks for sharing!
You did good sticking to your diet! Way to go!

behrmark said...

I think you should share an updated photo of your goateed face. And Cory Bond is delectable, btw.

Anonymous said...

You know the key to watching award shows. One of my best friends and I watch the Globes every year. And we attend a huge Oscar event. Makes it so much fun!

anne marie in philly said...

nice crush!

one way I get around the french fry dilemma is to box them up (before I start eating) and put them under our bird feeder for the hungry squirrels. they ADORE them, they get fed, and I don't have the temptation.

Kyle Leach said...

A nice weekend all around Mark.

Those xmas ornaments were way overpriced at the estate sale(rip-off). We have pretty good luck locally finding vintage items at good prices, although every few moths there is a dry spell.

Steve said...

I am fancy and don't you forget it !

Larry Ohio said...

I always thought estate sales were only in Florida, because that's where all the old people go to die ;-)

The estate sales I've been to in Florida were very much under-priced. They were practically giving away things for free. I always felt uneasy about buying estate sale items, knowing the last owner was dead. Kinda freaky.