Tuesday, January 12, 2010

As they appear

Sometimes things aren't as they appear.

Example 1: Former President Bush appears to be talking on the telephone. But notice that he has the handset backwards, with the earpiece next to his mouth (where his foot normally is) and the mouthpiece next to his ear.
Example 2: This TV news anchor appears to be showing a sketch of himself.

Example 3: This soccor player appears to be really enjoying a BJ from a team mate.

Example 4: This weather map appears to have a large penis on it.

Example 5: The soldier to the left of the Queen appears to have forgotten his underwear.

Example 6: This gymnast appears to be so excited with her performance that she could just pee!

Example 7: This football player appears to be humping his opponent.

Example 8: This photo appears to be about children posing for an innocuous, off-season beach photo.

Example 9: This camel appears to enjoy being mounted by this soldier. (Kinda gives new meaning to the term 'camel hump'.)

Example 10: This child appears to be re-enacting a scene from the Alfred Hitchcock thriller "The Birds".

Crush du Jour: Adrian Paul


anne marie in philly said...

I really needed a laugh today...thanks, mark!

M said...

Mark, you are so sweet -- thanks for the comment you just left at Spice of Life. :-)
I just finalized my blog-link list(now that I've finally figured out how to feature a blog in the first place!) and of course "Tales of the Sissy" had to be part of my "Spice Island" collection. You know how to put your readers in a good, and sometimes contemplative mood! Always a treat. :-)
Take care,

Angel said...

you can always make me laugh Mark!!!!

Java said...

The soldier sitting beside Queen Eliz. is dressed appropriately. That is what a man wears under his kilt. It appears he is more used to wearing pants than kilts. Though he does seem to have the slightest bit of smirk in his smile, and I wonder if he gave this kilt-wearing fashion tip on purpose.

cb said...

I LOVE the kilt pic!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

These are GREAT!! I needed the laugh!

Bob said...

You forgot the last one:
Adrian Paul appears to be hitting on me.

Mistress Maddie said...

These are all funny, but the one with the queen is the best!

robertga99 said...

Love 'em!

Mutty said...

Great stuff!

Jeff said...

Who knows? Ronaldo might really be blowing Rooney! ;)

Kyle Leach said...

Mark, all of these are great fun, as usual.

Makes me a little paranoid to think, at any moment, someone could snap a pic of an unpleasant event, rare mix up, or any blonde moment I might have.