Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

I've mentioned a few times that Spouse & I play team trivia with Steven & Thad and The Bobs on Thurs nights. Last night we won 1st place again, for the 3rd week in a row!! The prize for winning 1st place is a $25. gift card for the restaurant/bar where the game is played. Often we eat dinner there before the game and have our fave waitress Liz deduct the $25. from our bill.

Since Project Runway Season 7 started last night, and I knew we wouldn't get home in time to watch it from the beginning, I acquiesced and swapped our cable box for one with a DVR. Spouse has been wanting a DVR for a while but I have resisted, citing an addition $12.95 to our already high cable bill. But when I called the cable company this week about it, I found it was only $2.50 extra for the first 12 months. I figured that was a good test for us. Last night I recorded Project Runway so we could watch it from the beginning when we got home, but it was pretty late so we decided to wait and watch it tonight, after dinner with 'the usual suspects'.

Rue McClanahan had a stroke yesterday. Best known as Blanche on "The Golden Girls" and more recently as Peggy in "Sordid Lives: The Series", is 75 years old and is expected to be released from the hospital following surgery. Best wishes, Blanche!!

The Onion, my favorite and most trusted new source, has done it again. This time they've tickled my fancy with this (fictitious) story about a gay teen who is worried he might be a conservative Christian! I dare you to read it and not laugh. Then there's this report of a Colorado ban on same-sex friendships!

This will be a 3-day weekend for us, as Spouse & I both have Mon off for Martin Luther King Jr. day. We don't have any 'big plans' but who doesn't love a long weekend?

I've mentioned before that our friend Steven forced us to watch an episode of that train wreck known as "Jersey Shore". It is SOOO bad. But today my friend Matt posted this hilarious spoof on Facebook, featuring kids as the "Jersey Shore" characters. OMG - so funny!!

One of my friends posted this video on Facebook and I loved it! The vintage photography AND the crazy background music made me laugh out loud. I'm sure several of you can think of some ideas on "what to do with a drunken sailor"...

Have a great weekend!

Crush du Jour: Ben Kieren


behrmark said...

I'm all aflutter over your crush du jour Ben Kieren. I seriously think you need to let me man-sit him with Robert Gonzalez.

Steve said...

I did NOT force you to watch anything.... we were all hooked as soon as Snooki got bashed in the face !

anne marie in philly said...

I get a turn at the crush after behrmark! such nice fuzz!

mistress maddie said...

Project Runway was so good last night! Yea! It's back. I gave up on it the last two seasons it was just getting boring and no intresting people or talent, so I 'm glad it got re-energized again. Boy-Toy only will watch maybe two or three years of a reality show before it becomes"stale" he calls it. Enjoy the wwekend! I too heave a three day weekend. And I sure hope Rue Makes it!

Stephen Chapman... said...

I love the Colorado "friends" clip. Some people in the UK would actually think this could happen in the USA!

MadeInScotland said...

Hi Mark. So, you are on the DE shore? I got my directions muddled, thought you were west of DC.

I've pinpointed my location for you; i'm right here:

Made in Scotland: No Fun In Funeral

I'm sorry I'm so close, but no opportunity to say hello. It's such a flying visit. I'm back to London tomorrow.


cb said...

Wow, normally I don't go for blondes... but Ben is HOT!

Anonymous said...

Grrrr Furrrr

John Gray said...

thanks for your messages on my blog!

Jeff said...

Re the drunken sailor, you: "Shave his balls with a rusty razor, shave his balls with a rusty razor, shave his balls with a rusty razor, Er-LIE in the morning!"