Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

This evening we are having the Fri Night Dinner Group (aka: 'the usual suspects') over to our house for dinner to celebrate 3 of the guys' birthdays. We're making ziti with meat sauce and cheese and apple cake. Some of the guys are bringing salad, garlic bread, and drinks. Should be a nice evening, but I have lots to do this afternoon to get ready.

Anne Marie in Philly recently asked for a Pouncer update. (BTW, send me your email address Anne Marie.) Unfortunately there has not been much if any change. Pouncer still has those fits of rapid succession sneezing a few times a day, but he's still eating and behaving like normal. The last time I took him to the vet (a month ago) they basically said they didn't know what was wrong with him or what was causing his soft pallet to be swollen, so they gave me a referral to a specialist. However, the specialist is a 4-hour round trip drive so I'd have to take a day off work to take him there, plus Pouncer HATES riding in the car. I'm afraid he will drive me absolutely insane with his meowing and growling if I try to drive him there and back. So I haven't made an appointment with the specialist yet. I've been hoping that he would either get better on his own, or start getting worse which would force the trip to the specialist. But his symptoms/condition are basically the same as they were a month ago so I'm sort of 'waiting it out'. Thanks for asking.

In his State of the Union speech Wed night President Obama repeated his campaign promise to work with/encourage Congress to repeal DADT. Hours later I received an email from a well-meaning group requesting me to sign a petition urging the President to "act now" on repealing DADT. It seems to me that the President is ready to "act now" but knows it is Congress who needs to support and pass the legislation. So instead of signing that petition directed to the President, I signed this petition which sends an email to your representatives in Congress (not the President) urging them to work with the President to repeal the discriminatory DADT legislation that has resulted in the loss of thousands of talented and willing GLBT service members. I urge you to do the same.

I'm not too pleased with right now. On Dec 8 I ordered the newly released "Twelve Nights in Hollywood" box set by Ella Fitzgerald, featuring many never-before released tracks, and anxiously awaited its delivery. I received an initial email confirming my order, then another giving me an estimated delivery date of Dec 17, then another several days later indicating there would be a delay and that the new delivery date was Dec 24. Just before Christmas I received another email indicating that an 'unexpected demand' had caused another delay, and that the new ship date was Jan 3. Then on Jan 3 I received an email indicating my payment could not be processed so my order had been cancelled! Apparently when I updated my debit card number it did not save properly so Amazon tried to process the payment against my old card number. Rather than sending me an email about it and giving me a day or two to update the card number (again), they just cancelled my order. I think that's a sh*tty policy. So, after triple checking that my debit card number had been updated and saved, I re-ordered the box set and on Jan 3. The expected delivery date is now Feb 3. If it arrives then, it will have taken 2 full months to get the product I ordered. Next time I decide to purchase online I will look for other suppliers who compete with Amazon.

In sharp contrast, I can not adequately express how thrilled I am with my new jeans. I am particular about the way I want my jeans to fit but I was able to find, not 1, but 3 pairs last weekend that fit great! And to sweeten the deal even more, they were all on sale! YAY!!!

Despite the fact that its bright and sunny out today, its very cold and windy. Only 17 degrees with a wind chill factor of 8 degrees this morning when I took Jordan out. A snow storm is expected in the surrounding area tomorrow but I don't know how much is predicted for us, here on the coast. The stupid website simply tells me that its going to snow, but not how much to expect! Oh yeah, they also give me lots of other useless info like when high tide and sunset will be. I can look out the window and tell when its sunset!

Have a terrific (and possibly snowy) weekend!!

Crush du Jour: Nick Zano


Bob said...

Hey Mark,
I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but our cat, Tallulah Belle, has the same thing with the sneezing.
Carlos, and our vet, both agreed that it is a form of feline herpes, something that isn't harmful but that they always will have.
Our vet told us that when Tallulah gets especially sneezy, to put her in the carrier [lucky for us she loves being in the carrier] and get a humidifier [we have one] and steam her. I think if you go to my blog and do a search on Tallulah you'll find the post about it.
It really seems to help clear her up.
Might work for pouncer, too.

A Lewis said...

Mason sneezes every single day -- typically when he gets excited and all worked up.

As for the jeans, there's nothing like a perfect fitting pair of jeans! nothing!

Kevin said...

I haven't bought new jeans in eons. Soon enough, what with the new health regime. Until then, I'd like for Nick Zano to come over and let me try on his jeans. Preferably the ones he's wearing. :f

behrmark said...

You must tell us how you like your jeans to fit. Do you like them to show off your booty? Your package? Both? Oh and we need pictures....

Sean said...

Petition sent. Thanks.

RE: Amazon. Contact them on line. They'll call you right away. Explain your displeasure and that you think that your shipping should be free (if it isn't already). You may be surprised. I've found the to be very responsive.

Sean said...

One more always get better weather online from your favorite local news channel. All the details you want too.

Anonymous said...

I emailed you about Pouncer. I think he has allergies.

That said, you may be miffed at Amazon, I'm miffed at Texas Instruments. They were supposed to send me a device and I never got it. They back ordered it. I told them they could substitute a different version of the device, no response.

robertga99 said...

Hope you have a great weekend

Larry Ohio said...

Hi Mark, if you have any left over apple cake from last night, please send it my way.

I feel sorry for Pres. Obama. He got stuck with an utterly dysfunctional Congress and he'll likely be a one-term president because of those buffoons. I still give him an "A" though.

Kyle said...

Hey Mark, we have had some similar problems with Amazon recently. Although, considering how much we buy through them, the ratio screw ups to flawless sales remains firmly tilted toward absolutely flawless. Try to send it to a supervisor and see if you can at least get some kind of compensation for your ordeal. Maybe it isn't worth it for the boxed set. Just my thoughts.