Thursday, May 05, 2011

A model agent

The real estate team of which I'm a member has an agreement to man the model homes/sales center at a new construction community. A 'project' agent from our team works there 5 days a week, the sales center is closed 1 day, and the remaining day is manned by another agent from the team on a rotating basis. Today was my day to be the 'model agent'.

After reacquainting myself with the models, available lots, and options price list, I sat in the near silence for a few minutes. The only sounds I heard were the occasional bangs of hammers from down the street.

I logged into the computer, caught up on my work email and personal email, and even logged into facebook for a little while as I waited for interested home buyers to come in.

Anticipating the potential for long periods of being alone, I brought with me the mp3 player I was given containing my songs for the upcoming series of shows I've been asked to perform in. So I positioned myself to have a view of the door, popped the earbuds in my ears, and began singing along with the music in full voice. I got through all 9 songs twice!

It turned out to be a boring day: I didn't have any visitors, but at least I got to practice my songs.


Ron said...

A singing real estate agent! Now that is a sight (and sound) that I wouldn't expect going into a model home. Your job is similar to mine, long stretches of filling in the hours then frentic activity. I've done a lot on this job (like typing this comment right now) but I never sang. I can picture it now, a guest walks in the front door and hears me singing? Oh yes.

CJ/Rick said...

In the new developements close to me the model homes seem to be quite busy on weekends but through the week probably not. I hope you're in a well decorated model atleast. Good luck!