Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Today I showed property to a woman who is planning to move here from Maine.

After retiring from her job she has decided that she can bear to move away from her home and friends in order to escape the long, hard winters there.

She was very nice and very realistic about what to expect in her price range. So often we get people who hear that DE is great for retirees (which it is) and automatically expect to get an updated home with granite and stainless steel within walking distance to the beach for $100K. If that were true then DE would be full!

But alas... she must sell her home in Maine before moving here, and has not even listed it yet. This visit was to acquaint her with what she could get for her money. (Sigh) Such is the life of a realtor.

Hopefully the time and energy invested will pay off when she's sold her other home.


cb said...

Damn player... wasting your precious time!!! grrrrr

Anonymous said...

can you get a referal fee on the sale her house? used to pay 1 per cent.

Ron said...

The time and energy will pay off Mark. You're building a base now. You have the personality, confidence and skills to become a very successful realtor. It takes time to establish a base but that is just what you are doing now. Mark my words, we'll soon be seeing your puss plastered all over town and one of the most successful realtors around, gay or straight!