Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mission accomplished

So Obama was able to do after just 2 years what Bush wasn't able to do in 7 years: take out Osama bin Laden. And no American troupes were killed in the process. But what I don't understand is why people would want to see photos of the deceased bin Laden. I certainly don't!

Do they think that someone's trying to fool them into thinking bin Laden is dead when he really isn't? Wouldn't that be a rather risky thing to try? I mean, what if the US claimed bin Laden was dead and then he went on TV or something?

And even if Obama did release the photos of bin Laden's corps, do they think that seeing the photos would be the proof they need, as if they could tell the real bin Laden from the stunt doubles? And how would they know the photos weren't Photoshopped or faked in some way?

I even received a conspiracy email that claimed bin Laden has been dead for years and that Obama is claiming credit now for taking him out for re-election reasons. Good grief.

Can we not just be happy that our country is (allegedly) safer now that bid Laden is gone, without making it a polarizing political debate?

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Ron said...

I have no interest in seeing photos of the dead Osama but I would have loved to seen the expression on his evil countenance when he realized the Navy Seals were breaking into his compound and they were going to personally make sure he made his final journey to the 72 virgins.