Thursday, April 07, 2011


This week I was able to complete the 3 final tasks of becoming a full-fledged real estate agent:

1. I joined the necessary real estate associations which enable me to use the term REALTOR. Its not well known but obtaining a real estate license alone does NOT allow you to call yourself a REALTOR. You are simply a licensee. The term REALTOR (in all caps) is reserved for those who join the national and local real estate associations.

2. I enrolled in the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) which is the tool agents use to list and share details about properties for sale. In addition to being assigned a user name and PIN I also picked up my MLS token which gives me a unique 'safe' password every time I log into the system.

3. I was issued a lock box card that will allow me to open lock boxes to get the key for listed properties. The lock box cards record my name, company, and phone # on each lock box I access so that the listing agents can prepare reports for their sellers regarding how many agents showed their property. It also allows the listing agent to contact me if there is an important change (such as a price reduction) on a property I've shown recently.

Considering the importance of the MLS token and lock box card, there is a substantial free to replaced them if either is lost. I've decided to attach mine to a cord I can wear around my neck when I'm out and about.

Today I used my lock box card for the 1st time to 'preview' a house. (A preview is when an agent looks at a property without a client.) I have a friend who is interested in possibly purchasing a beach house so I previewed the house for him, and to test my card.

So now I'm fully equipped to show and sell property!


anne marie in philly said...


in other news, my spouse got a job on thursday; he starts on 4/18. 6 months unemployed, but we managed to survive.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! And is that token an RSA Token? If so, do they make you use at least an 8 digit PIN with it? I say this because the firm I work for just made all of us change ours from 4 to 8 digits, what with the social engineering scheme at RSA.

cb said...

ANd you are ON your WAY! Congrats!

John Going Gently said...

sounds as though you are works sohard mate
do u rest a little?

D said...

Before you know it, you'll be sitting at a closing. Congrats on all your progress :)

RAD said...

I love that you are fully equipped! wink xox