Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I met with Maria and Valerie again today and showed them more homes.

As they toured the homes they didn't provide as much feedback as I was hoping. Part of it was likely because they didn't know me very well yet, and part of it may be because they didn't want to say negative things. What Maria did talk about was all the updating and renovating she would do if she purchased each home. This told me she was definitely open to customizing a house to her taste, while other clients only want turn-key, move-in homes.

I guess I should think about some subtle ways of eliciting feedback. "So, what do you think?" is too blunt and may sound a little desperate. I'm sure I can come up with something better.

I got the impression that Maria was not impressed with what she saw today, but at least I know why. The price range she gave me is definitely doable in this area, but not for someone with her taste. Maria likes tile and marble baths, granite countertops, hardwood floors, and stainless steel appliances. Those things simply aren't found in the price range she gave me.

I drove them through a few new construction communities where Maria might be able to take advantage of some builder incentives (1/2 off of upgrades, free granite counters, etc.) to get closer to what she wanted.
However, most new construction communities here are built on former agricultural land so there's not very many trees. Maria decided a new construction community was not for her.

So after completing today's tour I gently explained that 'this is what you'll get for that price'. I was going to suggest that Maria either compromise on some of her wish list items or extend her price range when her daughter Valerie beat me to the punch. Valerie suggested to her mother that she might want to up her price range by $50K to see what that could get her.

Maria agreed, so I told them I'd email them additional properties to drive by tomorrow and make note of any that interested her. Friday's tour should be much more focused.

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A Lewis said...

Hold on here....Maria and Valerie? As in, TWO GIRLS?? Say it ain't so!