Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New beetle

No, this is NOT what we chose to replace our Honda CRV. This is the rental car I got this time:
I was surprised, as I've never seen a VW new beetle rental car before, especially not at the little agency near my house.

I found it to be okay. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either, and I wouldn't buy one. One thing I didn't like was how quickly the car got uncomfortably warm when the sun was out. The new beetle has so much glass that its like driving a terrarium when its sunny outside. Tinted windows would be a good option for this car.

Thanks to Facebook, I had dinner and a visit with an old family friend Sandy and her family last night. She lives in Richmond near my hotel. It was really great to reconnect with her after about 20 years!

I'm upset that the hotel's cable no longer has HGTV. That is not okay!

I'm in meetings all day today.

Crush du Jour: Keith Lieberthal


RAD said...

VW rentals how fun....I want to rent one for a day...something I would never buy either but it would be fun to zoom in on the right day for the right event huh?

Paul Benjamin said...

How does the hotel expect you to live without HGTV???

Nice car!

Stan said...

I've owned a VW Rabbit and an old '77 VW bus. Loved both but the Rabbit was high maintenance.

A Lewis said...

And I'll just bet you looked GREAT in that car!

robertga99 said...

No HGTV! That is a valid reason not to stay there aymore :)

Michael Rivers said...

Like everyone else, I'm shocked and disturbed at the HGTV thing.

Jeff said...

Seems to me you are having FAR too many meetings these days! :)

cb said...

Yes, but I give the new beetle an A+ for taking a classic and updating it while keeping it "classic"