Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving drama

Last week I reminded you of past Thanksgiving drama and alluded to drama brewing for this Thanksgiving.

Spouse's sister Mary, their mother, Spouse and I all agreed we were not putting up with Liz again this holiday season. I recommended that Spouse or his sister have a frank conversation with Frank, letting him know that Liz was not invited or welcomed to Thanksgiving at our house or Christmas at Mary's. This happened, and Frank told Mary he thought Liz was "spending Thanksgiving with friends", which sounded suspicious. To our knowledge Liz doesn't have any friends.

Mary didn't trust that Frank would actually tell Liz that she wasn't spending the holidays with us and was afraid the two of them would simply show up here for Thanksgiving, so Mary called and left a message on Liz's answering machine. Mary's message indicated that Frank had told her that Liz was spending Thanksgiving with some friends, which she thought was a great idea, since it was obvious that she and Frank weren't getting married, it was probably for the best that she not spend the holidays with us anymore.

Mary got a call back from Liz sometime later, and it wasn't pretty. Liz said she had no plans to spend Thanksgiving with friends, that she was planning to come with Frank to our house! She went on to say that she and Frank would eventually get married, but that she wasn't the kind of person to pressure Frank into it. She could wait until he was ready. Meanwhile, they haven't dated each other in 20 years, and Frank dates other women! Liz must be very patient.

Liz said she was very offended and didn't want to see Mary ever again! I'm sure Liz meant this as an insult, but it was actually music to Mary's ears! 

Of course the person whom Liz should have been mad at was Frank! He's the one who made up the lie to Mary about Liz telling him she had plans with friends for Thanksgiving. Liz should have given Frank an earful, but instead she called Mary.

Mary called us and explained what had transpired, and said she felt guilty about offending Liz. Although she didn't want Liz to come, she had been careful in her answering machine message to be very nice and polite, and had not meant to hurt Liz's feelings.

So then for a few days we didn't know what was going to happen on Thanksgiving. We certainly wouldn't put it past Liz to show up with Frank, unannounced and uninvited. After all, she's done that in the past, too.

One Thanksgiving when we had the tables set for the 19 people we were expecting, Liz showed up on our doorstep with Frank and some woman Liz worked with! Suddenly we had two more people to seat and no more chairs. Spouse & I pretended to be busy with the food so that everyone would sit down and begin eating. When all the chairs were filled by our expected guests and the 2 unexpected ones, we got out 2 extra dishes and flat wear, fixed ourselves plates of food, and ate our Thanksgiving dinner standing up in the kitchen. Of course we wouldn't have minded if we had expected them, or if we even liked them.

Fortunately, yesterday Mary called us back to say that Liz and Frank had decided to host Thanksgiving at Liz's place. Frank told Spouse's mother he and Liz had invited some people over, so it appeared we are 'out of the woods'. Hopefully, this will mean the end of the Thanksgiving drama for this year.

What a relief! Now we can have a nice Thanksgiving without the nonsense and drama of Liz and Frank. Honestly, I am so sick of them I don't even want to waste any more energy thinking about them. 

All I want is to have a fantastic dinner on Thurs, spend a few days with some family, and then send them on their way back home so I can relax, fart at will, and read some blogs. To me, that is the definition of a great Thanksgiving.

Crush du Jour: Jeffrey Beck


David Dust said...

I was so intrigued by this "Liz" person that I searched your blog for her, and found the story from last Thanksgiving. She sounds like a real piece of work.

BTW - do you fart when you read MY blog???


Michael said...

I think you and everyone coming to DE should show up at Liz's house, unannounced and with no dishes to contribute!

Also, is it just me or are your crush du jours becoming less and less dressed.

Anonymous said...

This Liz seems worthy of a trashy mini-series. Honestly, you just don't run across many people like that.

Luckily I like my SO's family. And I like most of mine too. In my case the only one who wouldn't be welcome is my father.

The old man and I, we just don't exist on the same plane of existence anymore. I'm a left liberal almost commie pinko, he's a religious born again type who thinks a few magic words can heal the misdeeds he performed when he was a mobster.

He also should come clean about my Scottish half brother. My grandmother pretty much let that cat out of the bag.

I don't think he knows what I know. In fact he'd be surprised what I know.

Kevin said...

Goddess, that's some drama!

I'd put "The Pin" in that for next year, too.

I once had a dinner and told my friend that he couldn't bring his girlfriend because I couldn't STAND her. If he brought her or she showed up, they wouldn't be allowed in.

He called to say he was running late and led me to believe that SHE wasn't with him. When he arrived, there she was. "Surprise!" he said.

I simply said: "God, I HATE surprises." Slammed the door in their faces, locked it and went back to dinner.

Never saw either of them again.

Ahhh...The Pin.

Java said...

There is some deep disturbing psychopathology going on with Liz, and probably with Frank, too. The stories are very interesting because they are happening to "not me."

Good luck. I hope it's a really good Thanksgiving for you and the Spouse.

tornwordo said...

Liz showed up on our doorstep with Frank and some woman Liz worked with!

Oh I got a good chuckle out of that.