Friday, November 14, 2008

Join the Impact!

By now everyone knows that on Nov 4 the United States made history by electing its first African-American (minority) president.

The state of California also made history that same day by voting to amend its state constitution to REMOVE rights from a minority. Proposition 8 was passed, which removed the right to marry from GLBT citizens.

A dangerous precedent was set: the ruling majority can vote to remove rights from a minority. This begs the question: Which minority will be the next victim of the majority?

I urge everyone to familiarize themselves and participate in Join The Impact, a group that organizes believers in equal rights and encourages peaceful demonstrations.
You don't have to belong to a minority to believe in equal rights!

This Saturday, November 15, peaceful demonstrations are being planned in cities all over the US and the world against CA Prop 8. Please show your support for equal rights for ALL citizens - not just the majority - by attending. Bring a home made sign!

For demonstration locations, sign ideas, protest tips, etc. visit Join The Impact.

Please post a similar message on your blog, or copy this one and paste it into an email and send it to those you know who believe in equal rights for all Americans.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I am going to my local event tomorrow.

Damn the man, Save the Empire.

David Dust said...

Darling -

You MUST take pics and send them to me if you go to a protest. I'd love to do a "Dust Bunnies Take To The Streets" roundup on Sunday or Monday.


Howard said...

Well, Mark, perhaps I will see you there.

Anonymous said...

We're protesting at the Rhode Island State House tomorrow at 1:30PM. It should be interesting.

We've just gotten a new Senate President. Poor Joe Montalbano, tossed out on his ass. I say fuck him, he's blocked same sex marriage equality for many years.

I did send an email to the new Senate President elect, Therease Paiva-Weed asking her stance on the issue and have yet to receive a response.