Monday, November 17, 2008

Prop 8 Protest

I was rather concerned about the weather forecast for Saturday's Join the Impact protest: 100% chance of rain, and 66 degrees.
Fortunately, the rain did not arrive until well after the protest had ended! In fact, as you will see from the photos below, it was bright and sunny most of the day.

There were approximately 35 who participated in the Dover, DE protest in front of City Hall, which is not a lot when you factor it was the sole location for the entire state. But I think it may have had to do with the relatively short time people had to prepare (requesting leave from work, etc.). Had everyone been given a week or more notice, we may have had a better turn out. Also the prediction of rain and wind likely kept some at home.

But those of us who made it had a GREAT TIME! There was a nice mixture of young, old, in between, white, black, other, straight, and gay. I was able to meet fellow Dust Bunny Howard, who brought a great sign!

Others folks also brought some great home made signs!

Below (from left to right) are Nick, Rick, Spouse & me.

For the most part the public was supportive, honking their horns and showing 'thumbs up'. We had just one woman who said "Go to church", which I suppose is where she gets her human rights advice.
Although our group wasn't large, we all felt like a part of the larger, international event, and that was very exciting.
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Java said...

Not a real big turn out, but great to have folks come out anyway. I'm glad you went. There wasn't a demonstration close enough to our town, unfortunately.

Love your pictures. :)

David Dust said...

The Delaware Dust Bunnies SHOWED STRONG!!!! I am so glad you and Howard got to meet.

Dover got another shout-out on DavidDust today. Like I said, it's one thing to demonstrate in NYC with strength in numbers - but you guys showed TRUE courage and determination by standing up for our rights in Dover.

Thank you for doing what you did. And thanks for being such fabulous Dust Bunnies.


RAD said...

pat on your back from me....xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Interesting, DE and RI have approximately the same land mass and population.

They say that 500 people showed up for the protest here in Providence. I tend to agree, I was there and it was a pretty good sea of people.

Howard said...

Mark, it was great to meet you, and share some laughs and good times. What a great day.

Our contingency might not have been large, but it was strong in hope and love. What more could you ask?

Jeff said...

Really proud of you and your spouse for getting out and doing your part! Way to go!

Sam said...

Thanks for linking me. It was so exciting to be a part of it and good for you for participating, even if the turn out was smallish. Maybe it's because Delaware's already so progressive?

tornwordo said...

good for you!