Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend highlights

I don't have a lot of 'highlights' from the weekend since I worked both days.

After work on Sat. Spouse & I had dinner with Steven & Thad and 1 of the Bobs at Fins Fish House & Raw Bar. Although Fins has been in business for several years, I've just started eating there now that I know it isn't just raw food. The food is very good but a little on the expensive side, even for downtown, which may be the reason they don't put any prices on their website's menu. After dinner we strolled the streets of town in search of jazz. Since it was jazz fest weekend I assumed we'd be able to duck into various bars and restaurants to hear a little music, as we'd done in past years. I don't know if we happened to stop in just at the time most performers were on break or what, but we had a difficult time finding music! One place had music but it wasn't jazz. Another place or 2 had jazz but they were restaurants so we didn't want to go in and take up a table and not order. We wound up sitting on a bench in front of a restaurant and listened to their jazz from a distance. But the weather was amazing so we didn't mind walking around town and just enjoying being outside on what was probably 1 of the last nights of the year that we didn't need a jacket.

While I worked on Sun. Spouse cooked boneless pork chops and roasted a veggie medley for dinner. Apparently that morning while he was having breakfast with Steven & Thad, 1 of them suggested he made dinner for the 4 of us, so he did. He didn't feel like cooking AND cleaning the house, so he told Steven & Thad he'd bring dinner over to their house to eat. It was delish and we had a nice time visiting with our friends after dinner was over.

Since I worked yesterday I was off today. I didn't have any special plans so I had time to washed 2 loads of clothes and 3 loads of towels. I also stopped in at my office for an hour or so to handle a few things like copying and dropping off offer #8 at the office of another realtor. It was nice weather to have the day off.

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