Thursday, October 27, 2011

The mystery continues

After confronting Steven & Thad about my belief that they were responsible for the 'banana mystery', the bananas appeared to stop which confirmed for me that they were indeed responsible, despite their protests to the contrary.

Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the produce department, another banana arrived today!

The 1st banana was porcelain, the 2nd was frosted, the 3rd was a real banana, and now the 4th banana is paper mache.

This one came via US mail to our house, and was postmarked in VA Beach, VA. This puzzled me since I've never EVER heard Steven & Thad mention having any friends or family in VA Beach, to whom they could have sent the banana with instructions to mail it to me.

A friend to whom I'd told the banana mystery suggested that Steven & Thad may have accomplices that travel for work who could have sent the latest banana from VA Beach. Indeed, the locations from which the bananas are sent need not necessarily be important.

Of course the thought has also crossed my mind that 'copy cats' could jump on the bandwagon, but this is highly unlikely since I've not shared my address on my blog. So I still think its Steven & Thad and their accomplices who are responsible for the bananas.

I wonder what the next banana will be made of???

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