Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too big to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

My friend and frequent blog contributor Jared sent me this funny photo: Is it descriptive of the shape or taste? Oh my...

I'm happy to report that my leg pain has subsided for the most part. I think wearing shoes with orthotics all week has really helped. I also noticed that getting up from my chair several times and walking through the house has also helped. Hopefully I won't have anymore issues with this.

A Facebook friend posted this photo which made me laugh out loud!
Such dedication!

I recently discovered 'natural' peanut butter and I love it! No sugar, no salt, no ingredients I can't spell or pronounce; just crushed peanuts. I love the taste and prefer not having those other unnecessary ingredients.

Jared sent me this poignant political quip:

Spouse continues his success on Weight Watchers. In week 10 he lost another 5 lbs, bringing his cumulative weight loss to 43 lbs. And he's not starving himself either. We also continue to eat dinner out, but now he makes smaller, healthier choices. I'm so proud of him!

A friend sent me this, which although a little cold, made me laugh out loud.
Sometimes people just need to be told to shut up and move on!

Last night we had dinner with our friends John & Marty at Striper Bites. Spouse, Marty and I all had the blackened tuna over penne with fennel cream and tomatoes. Dee-lish!! John had the Asian tuna with noodles. They had not been here since the garage/bath/closet addition and the expansion of the screened porch so they were anxious to check out these updates. We had a great time together, and then decided to go to karaoke! Now THAT'S my idea of a Thurs night.

The remnants of hurricane Earl passed by here today, although you'd never have known it. We had a slight sprinkle of rain and a gentle breeze, despite the recommendations to batten down the hatches. This is Labor Day weekend, a 3-day weekend here in the US, and I am excited! Although we do not have friends staying with us this weekend, the weather is supposed to be fantastic so I am hoping for 3 great beach days.

Here's wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Crush du Jour: Matthew Herrick


anne marie in philly said...

asian cock spaghetti - good eating, man!

RIGHT ON - the sinclair lewis quote.

YAYZ for spouse, no leg pain, and natural peanut butter!

glad to hear no hurricane damage came your way; we have had cloud cover from it, but nothing else.

the crush is nice...and everybody has off on monday cause IT'S MAH BIRFDAY! so I want the crush as MAH BIRFDAY present!

have a great weekend, and hoist a glass (or two) for me!

John Gray said...

love the heart sign!!! very funny

Joy said...

I'm going to copy the Sinclair Lewis quote and poster.

Congratulations to Spouse! Way to go with all his hard work and success!

Glad Earl didn't cause problems. Thank goodness!

tornwordo said...

Wow spouse is doing so well. I've lost five pounds in three and a half weeks and I'm hungry most of the time. Have a lovely beach weekend.

Anonymous said...

Actually the Sinclair Lewis quote picked up some verbiage over time but it's still appropriate. His omitted the cross bit.

But given the U.S. hyper-Christianity I'd say including the phrase contributes to the accuracy.

Stephen said...

I always love the Friday posts of great little tid-bits of stuff.

I have just read about Christine O'Donnell the Tea Party candidate for the U.S. Senate in Delaware... is she one of your buddies?

cb said...

I know someone who qualifies for the "shut up and move on" thing.

And Mr. Lewis was prophetic.