Friday, March 14, 2008


I must admit that I was surprised, perhaps even shocked, at this week's eliminations on American Idol and Make Me a Supermodel.

After Ellie Mae Clampett's Hillbilly Hootenanny (performed by Kristy Lee Cook), I thought the viewers would surely send her home. That performance was a hot tranny mess!

But instead, cutie David Hernandez got sent home, and I was really surprised. I think David has one of the better voices this year, and I can think of at least 3 others whom I feel should have been sent home before David.

I was equally surprised, if not shocked, that Ben escaped elimination on Make Me a Supermodel. After his poor attitude with the judges and his being asked by the Bloomie's lady not to participant in the Bloomingdale's brand ambassadors challenge, I would have bet my paycheck that the viewers would send him home. But they didn't, and instead they sent Casey home.

With only 5 models left, they no longer has the "bottom 3" each week; its now the "bottom 2". The judges felt that Ben really did a great job this week so he was not in the bottom for a change. Instead, Ronnie and Shannon are 'up for the vote', which means one of them will go home. This is shocking to me because Shannon has never been in the bottom before - even once - yet she may go home on Thurs. And if Shannon doesn't go home, that means it will be gorgeous gayboy Ronnie going home, which would be a real shame. It seems the judges just can't say anything else about Ronnie except "he's too pretty for high fashion".

I think I'm ready to make a prediction: I believe Holly will win Make Me a Supermodel.

And speaking of supermodels, enjoy today's supermodel Crush.

Crush du Jour: J.P. Calderon


David Dust said...

I can't believe they sent my Gay Stripper Papi home! I am just a MESS about it. I won't watch A.I. again...unless David Archuleta promises to become a Gay Stripper Papi on his 18th birthday!!

"Imagine" indeed...!

Michael said...

The tryouts for Nashville Star aka Country Style American Idol are being held across the street from my office today. There are lots of cowboy hats and denim. The line is was 3 blocks long at about 10am today.

Shirley Heezgay! said...

i would have lost money on AI results. she was SO supposed to go home. i would have predicted that jason would have left before peelerboy.

oh. wait. i just realized. it's FOX!!!

tornwordo said...

I got the ick vibe from David. Still, like you, I was sure Ellie mae was going. I actually turned the tv down when she sang it was so grating.

Christian said...

I was sad to see him go, too. I hope David Archuleta wins!