Thursday, March 20, 2008

Our 2nd date

Wednesday evening I followed the directions to Very Handsome Guy's condo, and he buzzed me in the foyer door. I rode the elevator to the 6th floor and walked down the hallway to his door and knocked. He opened the door and smiled. He showed me around his place, and then we left for dinner.

We had a tasty and delightful dinner at a table on the sidewalk in front of CafĂ© Dalat. I love eating outdoors! I’d never had Vietnamese food before, but I liked it a lot. It was a lovely spring evening; warm but breezy. There just seemed to be something in the air; some different kind of energy I wasn’t used to, but I liked.

After dinner we returned to his place and talked for a while, and although I didn’t realize it at the time, I began asking a few of my ‘interview’ questions.

"What would you say is your biggest weakness?"

"Tell me about your favorite day."

I had learned from my first relationship that it was unwise to think with your heart only and not use your head. My first partner and I had so little in common, we should have known the relationship was risky. To avoid making the same mistake, I asked Very Handsome Guy my ‘interview’ questions to determine our compatibility. I suppose at the time I thought I was being more subtle than I actually was, but years later we both laughed when he reminded me of the 'interview' questions on our 2nd date!

We had a very nice and relaxed time, both at dinner at at his place. There didn't seem to be any big, unanswered questions looming overhead. ("I wonder if he likes me, or REALLY likes me?"). There was the usual excitement of getting to know someone with whom you feel a connection, but there was also a sense of calm and a feeling that this needn't be rushed.

As I was preparing to go home that Wednesday night, Very Handsome Guy had a question for me.

“Do you want to get together again, later in the week?” he asked.

“Sure.” I replied, not even considering this time if I sounded too excited.

“How about Friday?” he suggested. This time I was not surprised by his suggestion of yet a 3rd date within 5 days, and I agreed without hesitation.

“Friday is great” I replied. “Do you want to eat someplace near me, since you work nearby anyway?” I suggested.

“Okay." he answered.

"That way I can show you my place, too." I added.

"Great. I usually work until about 5:00 so I can meet you at 5:30.”

So we agreed to meet at a Mexican restaurant at 5:30, and then talk at my place afterward. I confirmed he knew where the restaurant was, and after a kiss goodbye I said "See you then!"

Tomorrow: Our 3rd date.

Crush du Jour: Jordan Carlyle


joe*to*hell said...

this is such a tender series! i love it!

when do we get to the sex?

"talk at my place"??? child please!

Jeff said...

I, too, am enjoying getting to know you & VHG through this serialized tale. You two really were paragons of virtue! :-)

David Dust said...

I agree with Joe and Jeff. Very sweet and touching. But if this story doesn't end with duct tape and nipple clamps I'm going to be upset...


Mark in DE said...

Come on, guys! This is a story about LOVE.

Besides, Spouse doesn't like it when I post about our 'intimate' matters.

Mark :-)

Chris said...

Love/schmuv... get to the good stuff!

This is such a sweet series--thank you for sharing.

Seriously... you can tell us about the "intimate" stuff... we won't tell. (Pinky swear!)

tornwordo said...

I'm all caught up now. Great story. The only thing that would improve it is PICTURES, but I know you don't do that. Ready for third date please.