Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I found last night's American Idol show to be anti-climactic, which isn't good because nobody's happy when there's no climax, am I right?

Maybe it was because the singers were still coming down from the thrill of making the top 12. Maybe they didn't have the energy or drive they had when securing themselves a place in the touring group, now that they've already done that.

Or maybe they had trouble relating to the music, since it was Beatles night, and none of the singers was even born when the songs were released. I know I had trouble identifying with the music as I have never been a Beatles fan.

Most of the performances were just okay, but nothing stood out as terrific to me. But there were 2 performances that stood out as terrible to me: Kristy Lee Cook and Jason Castro.
Since Kristy Lee has an obvious country vibe and had been encouraged by the judges to embrace it, she decided to go 'whole hog' and turned her Beatles song into a hot Hootenanny mess! There were fiddles and moonshine jugs and, I swear, I even heard somebody scratching on an old washboard. Needless to say, the judges did not like it either. I believe she could have given the song a country sensibility to compliment her voice and it might have turned out a lot better. But that hillbilly hoedown was tragic.
Jason Castro wheezed through yet another soft ballad, accompanying himself on guitar. I swear, if the girls and the gays (excluding me) didn't find him so cute, he'd be kicked off in a hot minute.

His voice has a nice tone to it most of the time, but he has no support behind it. When he stretches to hit high and low notes he loses all the quality of sound. I can't believe the judges haven't called this to his attention yet.

My recommendation: take some singing lessons (they'll really help) and audition again next year.

The variation among the judge's feedback must be worse for the singers than no feedback at all. Randy and Paula loved it, Simon hated it. Randy and Simon hated it, Paula loved it. Take a risk. Don't go overboard. Be yourself. Tone it down. Its no wonder 1/2 of them are hysterical and crying during the elimination.

And if I have to hear Randy and Paula self-congratulating this entire season, I don't know WHAT I'll do. "I had the pleasure of producing their first album, dawg..." or "I love that group. I had so much fun choreographing their music video..." News flash: nobody's watching this show for you, Randy and Paula. We're watching for the singers!

I predict Ellie Mae Clampett (aka: Kristy Lee Cook) will be sent home tonight.

When AI ended at 10:00, almost by instinct I switched over to Bravo, expecting my weekly installment of fierceness. Then I remembered: Project Runway is over. This realization was like pouring the proverbial salt into the wound created by that evening's lack-luster AI show. Thank god for that hilarious SNL spoof on Christian Siriano a friend sent me. It was the only thing that kept me from throwing myself from the 3rd story window.

That would NOT be fierce.

Crush du Jor: Tom Ford


Howard said...

Yeah! Glad I am not the only gay not getting the Jason C appeal. And the circus sideshow that was Kristy Lee.

Gregory said...

Tom Ford makes me think such awful dirty thoughts.

cb said...

Honestly, of all the beatles songs, I thought turning THAT one into a bluegrass number was ok.

Jason WAS tragic.

Mr. hernandez was even MORE tragic.

And i HONESTLY cannot understand why Ramielle Blowup-doll-mouth is still in the fucking thing.

David Dust said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE they sent my Stripper Papi David H. home - I am truly devestated!

And Jason would be really cute - but you KNOW those dreadlocks smell like stale weed and incense. Yuck.

You should have watched Top Chef at 10:00 pm - I did...and I recapped it. It's TOTALLY not as fierce as Project Runway, but when life gives you lemons...

Click here for DavidDust's Top Chef Chicago recap.


NotFamilyFriendly said...

I totally heart Jason Castro, sorry, I think he's totally hot (and hopefully gay). lol. I LOVE Amanda though, she's my fave, although none of her performances recently top her first performance, none of these other mediocre singers topped her first performance either. (EXCEPT DANNY) I HEART DANNY ALOT!!! HE was totally my second fave, I hated he left (A CONSPIRACY, I KNOW IT, AI isz TOTALLY RIGGED TO KEEP "out" HOMOS OUTTA THA TOP12) but yea.... thisz is a long ass rant huh? ok... I'm done lol