Wednesday, January 22, 2014


All day Mon we heard about the imminent snowfall, strong winds and extreme cold coming our way.

On Tues the State Government closed at 12 noon in anticipation of this "extreme weather event", even though the 1st flake had yet to fall.  Snow predictions for our area initially were 2"-5", but because we were right on the line of the heavier snow, rumors of 5"-9" quickly took over.  

It didn't actually start snowing until about 4:30, but it was very windy all day.  Sustained winds near 40mph made it feel even colder that it was.  Once the snow really started coming down it was like a blizzard.

With the possibility of being 'snowbound' for a day or 2, Spouse stopped at the grocery store for what he calls "storm food", which consisted of frozen pizza, slice-n-bake cookies, and chips.  The snow fell, the wind howled, and Spouse & I hunkered down for the night.

The State Government was closed today so Spouse got another day off.  My company decided to open at 12 noon.  It was next to impossible to tell how much snow we actually got because of the drifting.  In some places the street was visible, while in other places there were 2' and 3' drifts.  The wind receded, but man was it cold.  It was 7 degrees.  The high temperature today was 16 degrees.

Fortunately the wind kept the snow from building up on my car so I didn't have to clean it off.


Anonymous said...

For all the doom and gloom forecasts here in Providence that went from 2-4" to 6-8", then 8-10" and finally 10-14" guess what we really got.

Yeah - 2 inches of snow.

I was supposed to be judging senior presentations today. And of course they called off school. But the roads were clear - highways clear and WELL salted.

We've gotten to be such pussies about snow. I can recall trudging home in 6-8" of snow uphill when I was a kid. And I'm not lying or exaggerating here.

Anonymous said...

Our kids were out on Tuesday in "anticipation", which meant no snow fell until after 4PM. Then we woke up to about 3 whole inches here on Wednesday, so we got a 2-hour delay (kids out). Tomorrow, kids out again (who knows when they will take semester finals), but we also get another 2-hour delay. Best part is, I get more done in a 6 hour day with no teachers or students or annoying ITRTs and TSTs than in five 8-hour days! WOOHOO!!!

Peace <3

anne marie in philly said...

check out the pix on my blog - 14 inches, baybee!

AND 2 snow days (tues and wed)!

Ron said...

Spring is on its way! Really!