Monday, January 06, 2014

Mirror mirror, on the dresser

Spouse & I decided a few months back that we are going to redecorate one of our guest bedrooms in the Hollywood Regency style, so we began picking up pieces when we saw them at bargain prices.  Spouse saw a clearance/close-out on a bedding set (comforter, bed skirt, shams, and decorator pillows) we purchased for $49.95 and I picked up a large sequined pillow for $12.99 and tossed them in a closet until we were ready to put the room together.

One of the key elements to making this transition to remove the large computer desk and replace it with a mirrored dresser to store some of the items from the computer desk.  I saw the perfect piece at my favorite store, HomeGoods.  It had 2 side-by-side drawers on the top and 2 full-width drawers below.  But since I hadn't done any research on pricing yet I initially thought $279. for this piece seemed like a lot, so I didn't buy it.  I came home and searched several online suppliers of similar pieces of mirrored furniture only to find that $279. was actually a very good price for the piece.  Many similar pieces were 2 & 3 times as much.  A few days later I went back to look at it again and, of course, it was gone.  (That's the way it always is at this HomeGoods.  If you like it, you have to buy it that day or it won't be there when you come back.)

A month or so later I saw another mirrored dresser that was very similar to the original one, but the drawer configuration was slightly different.  It had 3 full-width drawers, but still it would work.  It was in the clearance section because it had some slight damage (cracks) in the mirror.  It was marked down from $279. to $149.  The damage wasn't significant, and probably wouldn't be noticed by 50% of the people who would sleep in this room.  But $149. still seemed like too much for a piece with damage. 

Then a few days ago I saw that same piece had been reduced again, from $149. to $99.  I was tempted to buy it right then and there but was afraid to do since Spouse had never actually seen the piece.  I came home that evening, told him about it, and we agreed to go back the next day together. 

As we walked toward the back of the store where the clearance items are, I noticed a woman and her husband picking up a nightstand from the non-clearance furniture area that matched the dresser.  Spouse & I looked at the clearance dresser together, agreed the damage-to-discount ratio was very good, and decided to purchase the dresser for $99.  I went back to the front of the store to get a cart onto which we'd load the dresser, while Spouse began talking with a store clerk who walked by.

When I came back to the clearance area with the cart, the couple who had gotten the non-clearance matching nightstand were telling the clerk that they want this piece (the damaged clearance dresser) too! 

It was a bargain beat-out!!!

For a second I considered telling the couple the piece was mine, and showing them the cart I'd gotten from the front of the store as proof, and if they didn't relinquish the dresser, I would get all 'ignorant up in here'.  But my better sense took over and we left the store, feeling defeated.

But the mirrored lining to the story is that the merchandise in this store changes over so incredibly fast that I know it won't be long before another mirrored dresser shows up for us.  And this time I won't hesitate.

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