Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Racy ad

In the world of advertising, the US is known for being among the strictest when it comes to morality, nudity, and implied sex.  Many ads are perfectly acceptable in Europe and Asia, but are unacceptable here.

However, this Australian ad for Naked brand condoms which shows a couple 'trying out' the condom in the drug store was so racy that even typically liberal Australia decided it was too much. 
Personally I didn't find all that racy.  What do you think?


anne marie in philly said...


now let's see some man-on-man action using the same premise!

Ur-spo said...


Soul Yaoi said...

I found it funny myself. :)

Mike said...

Certainly not appropriate for any TV that any child might be watching any time any where.

Sex is great in private between people who care deeply about each other, but it shouldn't be performed in public, and especially not as a means of selling stuff.

Call me old-fashioned, but that's what I think.