Friday, January 10, 2014

Saying 'Happy New Year'

So here we are, on the 10th of January, out to dinner with Steven & Thad and Joe P, and I see a friend/acquaintance I hadn't seen in a while.  So I said to the person "Hey, great to see you!  Happy New Year!"

Afterwards 1 of my dining companions (I won't reveal which 1) suggested that it was "too late to be saying that", which began a short yet I believe important conversation about when is it too late to wish someone a happy new year.

Someone suggested it should only be said during the holidays (ie: the days between Christmas and New Years Day).  

However, I believe that if it is prior to January 15 and you have not seen the person since before New Years Day, it is still appropriate to wish them a happy new year.  After January 15 it is too late, regardless of when you last saw them.

What do you think??


anne marie in philly said...

I second your opinion. at work, we are saying HNY to certain well-known customers. and then chinese new year starts 1/31, so we will be using the term again!

I would not use HNY beyond 2/1 though, IMHO.

behrmark said...

I think wishing someone you haven't seen since before January 1 a "Happy New Year" is acceptable throughout January. In fact, I was walking to the parking garage this evening and a woman who has been in several of my classes said hello and wished me a happy new year. And as Anne Marie says, Jan 31 is Chinese New Year!

mistress maddie said...

One of the great quandaries of life!!!! Right along with which fork to start with. I will usually use it a week after new years day but no longer. After that, it a mute point.

Ur-spo said...

quite agree; today 1/14 I heard many patients telling the recipient happy new year.

wcs said...

In France, it is bad form to wish someone Happy New Year before January 1st. After, you have the whole month to say it, but you have to keep track so as not to say it to someone twice!

SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

Yeah, you have at least until the end of the first month. Unlike other holidays that have a specific day and then are over, you are not wishing people a HNY day!, you're wishing them a whole new YEAR. So I guess you can say it until the year no longer feels new? =]

Happy New Year!