Friday, January 24, 2014


I have noticed lately that some people seem to be obsessed with the word "obsessed".

"I'm obsessed with that new frozen yogurt place!"

"I'm obsessed with that new app on my new iPhone."

Yes, I know they don't mean that they are literally obsessed; completely dominated or preoccupied to the point of excluding or ignoring important or necessary things. 

But when people really like something, why don't they just say "I really like that", instead of describing their interest by saying they're "obsessed".

Perhaps its for dramatic effect.  I must admit to having said things for dramatic effect once or 50 times.

But just like the proverbial boy who cried wolf, if one continually over-uses the word "obsessed", those around them become desensitized to it.  Its no longer a big deal and loses its dramatic effect.

The next time I hear someone inappropriately say they are "obsessed" with something, I'm going to say "Really?  So has your obsession caused you to neglect your family and get fired from your job?  No??  Then you aren't truly obsessed.  You're just really into it.  So there!"


MAC said...

GUILTY! I do use the word "obsessed" on my blog. Usually when I'm referring to a yummy man. My current "obsession" is Bryan Hawn.

Anonymous said...

A great post! I am obsessed with people who are obsessed with obsession! What the bloody hell are these obsessives thinking? HAHAHA

Peace <3

Bob Slatten said...

People need to top people.

"I like ice cream."

"Oh yeah, well, I'm obsessed by it."

Stop already.

Ur-spo said...

For me, 'being obsessed' is a clinical matter and needs treatment. It sounds to me like people saying they are starving. Starving is what one sees in UNICEF commercials.