Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend highlights

I worked on Sat, then Spouse & I drove to DC to meet up with the Newlyweds.  Although they live in Portland OR, Michael was in DC for work and Jamie was in NYC for work and is heading to Baltimore today, so he joined Michael in DC for the weekend.

We picked them up at their hotel and drove to Dupont Circle.  After searching for free parking for at least 30 minutes, we broke down and paid to park in a lot.  As we walked along 17th St we peeked at all the people enjoying the warm evening by dining outside on the patios.  All the sudden I saw our former neighbors from DE, George & Michael!  We stopped briefly to say hi then let them get back to their dinner.  We ended up deciding to have dinner on the patio at Dupont Italian Kitchen, the site of mine and Spouse's 1st date.  The food was great and our conversations with the Newlyweds were even better.  It seems like we just pick back up where we left off with them, no matter how longs its been we last saw them.  The weather was so gorgeous that after dinner we went for a little walk, stopped for frozen yogurt, walked some more, and then stopped in for cocktails at Windows and Jrs, two landmark gay bars.  I joked that we were doing a "pub crawl" because we went to more than 1 bar.  At nearly 1am we dropped off the Newlyweds at their hotel then drove to Spouse's mom's house at 1:20am.

Sun morning we had coffee and visited with Spouse's mom, brother, and sister.  We picked up the Newlyweds just before noon and went to brunch at Beacon Bar & Grill.  The food was really good and who doesn't love unlimited Mimosas?  Afterward we walked over to the National Geographic museum for the Titanic exhibit which was really good.  It was the 100th anniversary of the Titanic disaster, and Spouse & I had just seen a great documentary Fri night on the National Geographic channel.  Afterward we said our goodbyes and headed back to DE.  Since the weather was so great Spouse & I met Joe P at the boardwalk to enjoy the deliciousness.

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