Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More music mayhem

As if the situation with the main control unit of our whole house sound system weren't enough to keep my nerves on edge, this week I learned that the friend who agreed to sing at the wedding can't make it and the person who was going to create my music playlist on my mp3 player can't do it.  Its more music mayhem!

It seems so odd to me that everything else has gone smoothly, the food, the cupcakes, the flowers, the RSVPs, but the music element keeps trying my patience.

The singer was accidentally double-booked and felt obligated to the 1st commitment which obviously wasn't our wedding.  The playlist creator suddenly became super-busy and didn't have time to upload songs from our CDs and download songs from the internet to put together the playlist.

But we were determined to succeed.

I called my friends Christy & Todd, explained the situation, and asked if they would consider singing at the wedding despite the short notice.  In the spirit of true friendship, they agreed.

Then I decided to tackle the playlist myself.  I uploaded all the songs from the CDs we own, then created an iTunes account so I could download the songs I didn't already have.  Since the iTunes songs are in a different format I drew on a friend's knowledge and figured out how to change the file format to match the uploaded songs.  Then I arranged the songs into the desired order and VOILA!

With new singers and a new playlist ready, I'm just waiting on the darned control unit to arrive.

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