Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend highlights

Fri night I had dinner with 'the usual suspects' (Spouse stayed home), and then Steven & I went to the Blue Moon for their Fri night Divas (drag) Show starring my friend and local drag legend Mona Lotts. We met a very nice female couple, Roxanne and Lisa, who were in town for the long weekend. We had a lot of fun hanging out with them and watching the show.

Sat I went to real estate school and Spouse went to VA to visit with his family. After school I had a snack then went to theatre to see "Violet Tendencies". My friend Jesse Archer wrote the screenplay and also played the character Luke. The film was funny, campy and an enjoyable time. Mindy Cohn, who played Natalie in TV's 'Facts of Life', did a brilliant job playing Violet. Also noteworthy was Samuel Whitten who played Reilly. His acting was great and he's absolutely gorgeous.
Above from left to right: Casper Andreas (director and character Marcus), Samuel Whitten (Reilly), Mindy Cohn (Violet), and Jesse Archer (writer and character Luke). After the film I was starving so I went to Dos Locos and grabbed a table in the bar area. I had a pomegranate martini and a 7-layer Mexican dip with chips. Dee-lish! Seated at the table next to mine were 3 young people who were enjoying margaritas and singing along with the karaoke singers. We began to chat and I learned that the young man and 1 of the women were married on the beach last Oct, and the other young woman was her maid of honor. They live in the DC area but frequent the beach since 1 of the women's parents own a beach house. I decided to sing a few songs since the karaoke selection book was so comprehensive. It was fun!

I decided to skip real estate school on Sun. It was math day and the instructor is so bad at teaching that I felt I could learn just as much by reading the chapters in the book and skipping the class. So I had breakfast with Steven at the Long Neck Diner, then returned home watched a little TV. Then I went back to the theatre to see "You Should Meet My Son" with Steven and 1 of the Bobs. It was very funny. I highly recommend it if you can see it locally or get it from Netflix. After the film Steven, Bob and I decided to have a drink and hang out at the bar at 1 of our fave places: Saketumi. Our friend Kim is the manager there and he and his staff always take expert care of us. I had delicious Cosmos and we shared some fried wontons and coconut shrimp. While hanging out at the bar I discovered the woman seated near us was the pet psychic who'd given psychic readings at our neighborhood block party a few years ago. I introduced myself and reminded her where we'd met. Spouse returned from VA and joined us at a table for dinner. I had 2 sushi rolls and Spouse had Generals Tso's chicken. We had lots of fun eating and spending time with our friends!

Spouse & I returned home and watched more episodes of 'United States of Tara' and then went to bed.


the cajun said...

Sounds like an all round great and fun day. I have never been to Saketumi, but our servers talk about how good it is, as well as their bar specials. I must get there one of these days.

After reading your comment at my place I realize that by the time you arrived at DL, I was probably already down for the night. I work the day shift and usually get off around 5-ish.

Also, glad you had fun at karaoke. I am told that Monday nights are even more fun. I have no personal knowledge of this, but the crowds are pretty big.


RAD said...

poppin in to catch up! Hope all is well with you my buddy! xoxox

Ron said...

I value all your advice. Thanks for the tips. Especially Saketumi and the Netflix recommendation. I'll give them a try.