Thursday, February 03, 2011


My good friend Jason is in the hospital. He's been there since Sat night. They discovered he had a ruptured polyp on his bowel and is having surgery today.

I've been to visit him every day since Mon. The hospital is literally walking distance from our house and I haven't had much on my 'to do' list this week so its been easy for me to spend a few hours with him each day.

Its weird because I absolutely hate going to the hospital. I hate how hospitals smell like antiseptic, and I really don't like being around all those sick and injured people. Fortunately Jason has a private room so its not been that bad hanging out with my buddy Jason.

He'll probably be in the hospital another 5 days, then need several days of bed rest at home. I'll continue to visit and support my friend as long as he needs it.


Ron said...

Give Jason my best wishes for his speedy recovery.

anne marie in philly said...

get well soon, jason!

wcs said...

I'm sure he is grateful for your visits! Hope all goes well for him.

Sean said...

I wish your friend well and a speedy recovery.

As someone who has had several extended hospital stays during the past few years, patients don't really want to be entertained by their visitors. Just having someone in the room with you is more than enough.

Steven said...

I hope that Jason is on the road to a quick recovery.