Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I decided to do something a little different this time.

I usually send flowers to Spouse's office for Valentine's Day, but since I'm not working and we're trying to be careful about spending money, I decided to save the $50. I'd normally spend on the flowers. Instead, I got several helium-filled mylar balloons with various Valentine's Day messages on them and delivered them to Spouse's office myself.
The balloons cost under $10. and made a big visual impact. My guess is that the balloons will also last longer than flowers. Spouse was genuinely surprised. Delivering the balloons myself also gave me the opportunity to see his new office. His entire department moved to a new building last month and I had not yet been there to see his new space.

After a brief tour we decided to duck out for a coffee and then go for a walk. It was 68 degrees and sunny so we enjoyed a very nice walk around town without jackets. A river runs through the town so our walk was partially along the river. We talked and enjoyed the walk very much.

When he got home from work, Spouse found a Valentine's Day card from me on the dresser, and he presented me with a beautiful Tommy Hilfiger shirt. (Recently we'd been talking about how my work-from-home wardrobe would not be appropriate for my new career in real estate.)

Later that night we joined Steven & Thad and one of The Bobs for dinner at Saketumi. Spouse & I shared a delicious cocktail called a Valentini, made with muddled strawberries, rum, and champagne. Deelish! We had a wonderful meal and a very nice time with our friends.
I hope you all had a sweet Valentine's Day!


Vương Tử Trực said...

Definitely a happy Valentine's day!

cb said...

That's a nice V-day gift!