Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday fragments

Welcome to Friday fragments, my weekly recap of topics too important to forget, yet too small to be their own post.

Here's a funny rendition of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, courtesty of my friend Alan.

Did you hear about the woman who attacked her roomate over a box of Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies? Now, I could see it if they were Do Si Dos, but Thin Mints?? Really???

My friend and frequent funny foto contributor Jared sent me this.
Its really heartwarming, isn't it? The knowledge that chili cheese fries are always there for you...

Now, for the opposite of heartwarming, here's something REALLY depressing: I was 11 years old when Justin Bieber's FATHER was born. Sweet baby Jesus...

Jared also sent me this crazy 'ad'. Click to enlarge it and read the text.
Oddly enough, I've owned 4 Hondas in the last 25 years.

Watch this hilarious video and then do your part!! I did, and it felt great!

This coming weekend is my last weekend of real estate classes! I'll take my math and law finals this weekend, and then provided I pass them both, I'll get my certificate on the following Sat, March 5. (I present the certificate when I sit for the state and national board exam.) But I'm nervous about the math and law finals. There's so much info that could be on them; its hard to know what to study.

One of my facebook friends posted this and I just had to swipe it. Love that hair!!
Spouse had a slight set back at his Weight Watchers weigh-in last night. He gained a 1/2 pound. I suggested he not worry over it since he already knew the reasons for the gain. He spent a day and a 1/2 with his family last weekend and didn't stick to his program, and he only worked out once that week. I'm sure he'll lose that 1/2 pound plus some next week.

Sun evening we're going to an Oscars party at Steven & Thad's. Spouse & I never used to watch awards shows, but now we attend or host awards parties for nearly all of them. Its fun! I don't know why we didn't do it before.

Here's wishing everyone a GREAT weekend!


anne marie in philly said...


pix # 1 - yes please, may I touch?

pix #2 - make that hush puppies and you got a deal!

when crazy cookie ladies attack - jeebus, what a crackhead!

last pix - that is some SERIOUS hair there!

have a good weekend, dear...YOU CAN PASS THE EXAMS, I KNOW YOU CAN!

Sean said...

Good luck on the exams!

Here's a link to JB"s dad shirtless.

Ron said...

Love the Sistine Chapel Erection. Forward it to the Pope. Good luck on your exam. Watch out Chris!

cb said...

I think i'd rather see Adam touching GOD'S penis.

Cuz you KNOW he's packing!