Monday, December 27, 2010

Weekend highlights

Spouse & I had a nice holiday weekend. Most of it went as planned, with one disappointing exception. Because of the east coast snow storm the Newlyweds had to change their flight and they were not able to meet us for dinner Sun evening. I was so looking forward to seeing them, catching up on what has been going on with them, and just being with them.

However, on the bright side one very nice surprise happened on Thurs. We had time for dinner at the Lebanese Taverna. The food there is wonderful and we hadn't been since before we moved here 4 years ago. There was no wait for a table when we arrived, something that's never happened to us there before, and we enjoyed a fantastic meal. We started with hummus and felafel, then Spouse had chicken Fatteh and his mom and I both had chicken Shawarma. We have no such restaurant near us so this was a real treat.

On Fri my dear friend Kathryn met me at Spouse's sister's house where the family and some friends had gathered for a casual meal and to celebrate Spouse's mother's birthday. We had a lovely catch-up session along with a lot of laughs!

Sun was the day it snowed. Apparently the storm was very hard to predict so the DC area was bracing for the possibility of 6-12 inches of snow, which would absolutely shut down the entire area. Spouse's mother was beside herself, and talked about it all day. (Her OCD appears to be advancing with her age.) However, we only got flurries in the DC area, while our home got several inches followed by gusty winds.

On Mon when we got home I shoveled both driveways and the front porch, then relaxed with Spouse and caught up on my email. Later that evening we braved the elements and drove to Steven & Thad's for dinner. It seemed to take forever to get there because we got stuck behind 2 plows and got stopped due to a fender bender. They had lots of Christmas dinner left-overs so we were happy to enjoy a tasty meal with our friends and not have to cook.


robertga99 said...

I always have to brace myself when thinking about getting 12 inches too. Ok, Ok I'll stop being dirty

The Lebanse Taverna sounds good! I love fresh hummus.

Ron said...

Hummus and felafel......I have a hummus wrap almost every day for lunch. Roasted red pepper hummus, sprinkled with feta cheese and wrapped in a tortilla. Take it easy on the Old OCD is also advancing with my age. :)

Michael said...

Mark, haven't been to your blog in far too long! Just wanted to say hi -- and that I love Lebanese food as well. Would love to try it in Beirut.
Happy New Year!
Take care,