Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend full of friends

I dropped Spouse & Jordan off at his mom's Fri night and went to Freddie's for karaoke. It got very crowded very soon after I got there, and it took an hour for my name to get called to sing. Karaoke etiquette dictates that you are not supposed to sign up for another song until you have sung. However, when I finished my song I saw that the karaoke DJ had closed the sign up sheet - at 11:00. Karaoke goes until 1:30, but already they had so many signed up that they closed the sign up sheet. I was more than a little disappointed as I saw several young straight kids sing several times within an hour, which indicated to me they had not followed karaoke etiquette, and that the DJ was not paying attention. My friend Chris (from high school) was there, as were several other folks I've gotten to know from past visits, so I had a good time visiting with them even though I only got to sing once.

Unfortunately Spouse & I did not have a good night's sleep Fri night. The last few days Jordan has been coughing and scratching a lot. Attributing this to seasonal allergies, we'd started giving her Benedryl at night, which had helped some, but Spouse waited too late to give it to her Fri night. Jordan should have gotten the dose 30-45 minutes before bedtime. She woke us up several times.

Sat morning Spouse & I went to breakfast with his mother at the Silver Diner. She loves eating there and sometimes treats us to breakfast. Afterward his sister Mary stopped by and we visited some more at home with her, then met our friend Susan for lunch at the Taco House at noon. The weather was amazing so we ate lunch on their patio, then followed Susan to her new place. She used to live in a 12-floor condo but recently moved to a 2-level townhouse style condo. It was very cute and cozy. Our mutual friend Clara joined us at Susan's with her 3 month old son Kai. It was our first time seeing him. We had coffee and brownies and got caught up on each other's lives. Spouse & I left shortly after 3:00 and returned to his mom's house. He took a nap while she and I talked. At 5:30 we left to pick up my aunt Mary for dinner at McCormick & Schmick's, a fine seafood restaurant. We were celebrating Mary's and Spouse's birthdays. Mary had shrimp stuffed with crab imperial, Spouse & his mom both had grilled scallops, and I had red snapper stuffed with boursin cheese and lump crab. Our meals were all perfectly prepared! We finished up with apple pie with cinnamon ice cream, creme bruele, and tira misu, all home made with high-quality ingredients.

Sun we had a light breakfast at home and visited with Spouse's mom until 11:00, when we left to meet our friends Ron & James for brunch at 11:30. We met at the Liberty Tavern in Clarendon, which did not exist 9 months ago when we moved away. The building was boarded up after its last tenant moved out. It was beautifully remodeled and we found the brunch buffet to be completely delightful. It had lots of different items; not your typical brunch food. And since the weather was so exquisite again, we had brunch outside at a table on the sidewalk. We had a lovely time chatting and catching up with our buddies Ron & James. After returning to our home base and picking up Spouse's mom, we headed over to Trader Joe's. There are no Trader Joe's near us, and since we like their stuff so much we try to stock up while we're back in DC. When we returned to the house we packed our bag, tossed Jordan in the back, and left at 3:00.

I watched 'Brothers of the Head' from Netflix last night and Spouse watched TV in the other room. We gave Jordan another dose of Benedryl before going to bed at 10:30.

We had a really nice weekend and got to visit with lots of folks. The incredibly warm and sunny weather was the icing on the cake.

Drag Queen name of the day: Bella DeBall

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