Friday, October 05, 2007

This 'n that

Work out update - session 4
Once again Rick changed up the exercises so I did mostly new stuff. Pretty interesting how the same 5-6 machines can be configured for a seemingly endless array of exercises. Keeps you from getting bored doing the same thing every time, plus Rick says that each one works the muscles differently so changing them up gives you a better, balanced work out.

Unfortunately I had to stop twice during the work out to lie on the floor. It seems that either my blood pressure spikes and plummets, or my vagas nerve gets over-stimulated, both of which result in me feeling dizzy, nauseous, and very hot and flushed. It seems 2-3 minutes lying flat on my back remedies the problem, but its inconvenient and uncomfortable. I may need to consult my physician about this.

Pot luck
The bi-monthly men's group I belong to had a pot luck on Wed evening with an Oktoberfest theme. There was lots of tasty stuff to eat, including brats with sauerkraut, German potato salad, sesame slaw, pumpkin pie, and black forest cake. My contribution was not Oktoberfest related, unfortunately. I was very busy with work on Wed and had not planned in advance what to make. So with only about an hour before the potluck I quickly put together a modified version of a berry trifle; modified in the sense that it didn't have the custard. It tasted good anyway, but didn't really fit into the theme. Next time maybe I'll plan better.

Thurs I went to the DE DMV to get my car inspected, registered, and titled. What a thoroughly enjoyable process, all of which takes place right there at the DMV. In VA you have to take your vehicle to a gas station or garage and wait in line forever for the safety and emissions inspections, then go to the DMV and wait in line forever and a day to conduct your DMV transaction. Our last visit to the VA DMV took 90 minutes, all but 10 of which were spent just waiting for our number to be called. At the DE DMV I only waited about 3 minutes for the inspections, both of which were completed within 5 minutes. Then I went inside and only waited 2 minutes for my number to be called. I wasn't even finished filling out the form! My transaction was completed in probably under 10 minutes, I had my new license plate and title in my hand, and I was on my way. FINALLY both of our cars are 'legal' now.

This morning I took Jordan to the vet. It was her 1st time at the vet here in Lewes. I'd called the previous vet in VA and had them fax Jordan's records to the new vet a few weeks ago when I made the appointment. She needed 2 shots to get her updated and she also received a thorough exam from the doctor. She did very well and didn't squirm too much. Then we walked next door to the "pet hotel" and I checked Jordan in.

The Newlyweds are arriving tonight and then we're leaving very early tomorrow morning for a weekend in the Berkshires. It will probably take about 6-7 hours to get there. We've rented a cottage with a fireplace next to a lake, so that should be nice and cozy. We're hoping to see beautiful fall foliage during the day and relax next to the fire and watch movies at night. Ironically the weather is much warmer than usual for this time of year so I hope the foliage will have actually started turning colors. If not then we'll just enjoy a weekend getaway with our friends. We're coming home Mon evening.

Indian Summer
At the risk of sounding cliche, we are having a wonderful Indian Summer. I can't believe its October and the temperatures have been in the 80s all week. It is forecasted to reach 86 degrees here on Mon, Oct 8. But you don't hear me complaining! I adore Indian Summer and am loving the ability to continue wearing shorts and sandals as well as driving with the top down on my car. I really should live in San Diego.

Life is good here at the beach.

Drag Queen name of the day: Frieda Slaves

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