Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday thoughts

Have you ever noticed how many bloggers use the words "random thoughts", "random musings", and "random meanderings"? Seems like an excessive amount of randomness to me.

I still can not get yesterday's post (tortured, raped woman) out of my head. Sad as it is, there doesn't seem to be a darned thing that can be done to prevent this kind of behavior. Sociopaths exist among us until they commit horrible crimes and get put away (hopefully).

True to the forecast, it has been raining off and on yesterday and today. Sometimes hard, creating 'gully washers' that make the mulch float out of our flower beds and down the driveway. We really need the rain though.

It appears we will not be having a 'typical' fall here at the beach; perhaps no fall at all. It has been too warm and we haven't had enough rain for the leaves to transform from green to gold, rust, red, and brown. Instead the trees are still mostly fully of (green) leaves, despite the fact that Halloween is less than a week away. Those leaves that fell did so green and have turned a sickly pale beige while laying on the ground. I predict that in a few weeks the temperature will drop to somewhere in the 40s one night and all the sudden it will be winter, with no evidence that fall ever arrived.

I'm happy that we have done a good job staying in touch with our friends from the DC area since we moved 10 1/2 months ago to DE. I counted 15 different sets of friends and/or family that have come to visit us. Some of these friends have come more than once. And almost every time we go back to DC for a weekend we connect with at least 2 sets of friends. But now that DE feels more and more like our 'home' and we have formed friendships with locals, I am starting to notice the need to 'choose' between events/activities with treasured friends in DC and events/activities with local friends close to 'home'. This will not be easy to navigate, and will likely get harder as time passes.

Drag Queen name of the day: Ethel Alcohol

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