Monday, October 08, 2007

Long weekend in the Berkshires

The Newlyweds arrived Fri night at 10:00, we snacked and planned our travel strategy for the next day, and went to bed at about 11:00.

Sat morning we got up at 6:00, showered, ate, packed the car, and left Lewes at 7:30. It was quite warm and we all wore shorts. The trip took longer than expected, due to traffic congestion (on a Sat?) and a wrong turn or two. After a fuel stop and a lunch stop, we arrived in Becket, MA at about 3:30.

We found the cabin to be adequate; nothing fancy, that's for sure. Both of the beds left much to be desired, as did the single tiny bathroom. But we weren't planning to lounge around indoors much so we found the accommodations acceptable. But then there was the view: Spectacular! The cabin sat on a hillside, with a large deck on the back with a direct view of the pond. There were beautiful, tall, old trees on either side of the clearing, perfectly 'framing' the view of the pond. Across the pond sat an old red canoe which seemed to draw out the patches of red leaves from the patchwork quilt of foliage behind it. I wish we'd had a camera to capture that postcard view, but we left ours home after it had acted up so much at the car show a few weeks ago. The large deck had a newer dining table and chairs, a glider, 2 chaise lounges, and a chiminea.

After unloading our gear we headed to Lee where we stopped for a little shopping expedition at the Prime Outlets. Michael had read online that they were having a sidewalk sale that day. Next we stopped at the Otis Poultry Farm in Otis and bought a fabulous homemade 'Fruits of the Forest' pie. Then we walked around Lee, had Thai chicken burritos, and then picked up supplies at the one and only grocery store called Price Chopper. (I don't know why but that name continues to make me giggle.) While in the grocery store it began to rain and continued as we got back to the cabin, squelching our plans for making s'mores and sitting around the chiminea. But it was still in the 70s so it wouldn't have been so great anyway. We talked for a while, then popped a DVD in to watch until we went to bed. Oh, and we had pie!

Sun was considerably cooler. I was the only one to wear shorts. Fortunately the rain had stopped, and we planned our day as we ate breakfast and looked at our fabulous view of the pond. We went for a walk on the streets around the pond instead of going for a hike, since the ground was still wet and muddy. One of the houses on the other side of the pond had 3 vehicles parked in front of it, all containing HRC stickers or rainbow stickers. Since one of the vehicles was a Subaru and another was a 4-wheel drive SUV, we decided it was a group of lesbians.

Then we took a driving tour around Great Barrington, Sheffield, West Stockbridge, Monterey, and Lenox which enabled us to see the pretty foliage and stop at a few tag sales, antique shops, and places of interest. My friend Sal told me to stop in and see his grandmother at her antique shop so we did. We found her to be sweet and hip at the same time. She even gave us a discount on a terrific 1940s side table we were able to slip into the back of the CRV. After returning to the cabin for showers and cat naps, we met the Newlyweds' friends Norton & David at a restaurant in Lenox called Zinc. Jamie met Norton while working at Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, where Norton has worked for 30 years. The dinner and conversations were delightful. Afterward the 6 of us came back to the cabin and made a fire in the chiminea. The temperature seemed to be in the low 50s so it was ideal. We sat around the fire and made s'mores for about 2 hours, until Norton & David left. The remaining 4 of us returned to sitting by the fire until we'd burned up all the wood. It was exactly how I'd envisioned it.

Mon we got up at 8:00, packed up our gear, cleaned up the cabin, and were out the door by 8:30. The trip home went much faster, as we ran into no traffic congestion and took no wrong turns. After a fuel stop and a lunch stop, we arrived back in Lewes at 3:00. The Newlyweds left shortly thereafter.

Despite it being Oct 8, the temperature reached 90 degrees today. The forecast shows a cooling just around the corner though, with expected temps in the 70s on Wed.

Drag Queen name of the day: Leisel Weapon

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