Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Jordan update
Jordan doesn't give us any trouble with taking her pills because we shove them into a ball of peanut butter, which most dogs, including her, absolutely love. In addition to the antibiotics I gave her a Benedryl this morning, as a pre-emptive measure, to help with the itching. It has a real sedative affect on her and she almost seemed to be in a coma all day. But I figure the more she sleeps, the less she'll scratch and bite at her boo-boo. Her infected area has changed from pink to brown, and I hope this is a sign that she's healing.

After eating her dinner Spouse took her for a walk. She has 3 basic walks: #1 is just around the block, mostly in the mornings before I start work. #2 is the basic evening walk, over to Dupont Ave and back home via Fourth St. #3 is the extended evening walk, which starts out like the #2 but includes a side journey down Shipcarpenter St, a right onto Third St, and then back home via Mulberry St. Last evening Jordan selected walk #2, which told me she was feeling more energetic than she had this morning when she didn't even want to complete walk #1. When Spouse got home this evening I did as I normally do and said "Jordan, your daddy's home". Normally she jumps to her feet and runs to greet him at the door. This evening she groggily rose from her slumber and sauntered to greet him. I don't think I'm going to give her Benedryl tomorrow unless she seems to need it. She seems to be progressing.

Weather update
Despite the appearance of pumpkins on every front porch and wreaths of multi-colored indian corn on every front door, it still feels more like summer than fall. Today the temperature reached 81 degrees when I checked. Everyone is still wearing shorts and flip flops, and I couldn't be happier. I could feel the humidity increasing this afternoon. The forecast is for showers late tonight and tomorrow.

Work out update: session 7
Yesterday's work out was another where I successfully completed everything without having any blood pressure problems. Either I've gotten used to the work outs or eating a handful of trail mix 1/2 way through has done the trick. I did a new exercise called walking lunges that really worked my hamstrings. Today I am really feeling it. My temptation was simply to stay in this evening, but Spouse suggested we get some cardio by walking the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk (2 miles) so I agreed. It was warm, breezy and a little humid, and I reminded Spouse this was why we decided to move: to have access to the beach all the time. But despite the soreness it feels good to know I'm actually doing something to improve my health and appearance.

Rick's little Sheltie puppy Zack was in the gym again last evening. He is so funny! He really seems to like me. When I laid on my back for my floor exercises, Zack climbed up on my stomach, sat down, and stared right into my eyes! I had to laugh. Rick told Zack to get off me, but he didn't listen. So I started doing my 'reach for the ceiling' exercises with Zack on my stomach. As I rested from that I lightly scratched Zack's head and talked to him. He lowered his head and rested his chin on his front paws. I am SO not a dog person, but this little bugger has really got to me! Rick removed him from my stomach so I could continue my exercises, culminating with 50 'elbows and knees'. I can't believe it but I actually like working out now.

Construction update
The parade of construction vehicles continues to roar up and down our little, one-way street. Last week a cement mixer tore down the telephone line from a neighbor's house. (Since our house is new, all of the utility lines are buried.) She called the police and an officer went to the construction site at the end of the street and spoke to them. This did not seem to affect much, as the wrong way driving has not stopped. I'm still considering calling the police to voice my safety concerns, but haven't done so yet. I really thought that police officer's visit might improve the situation. So far the cinder block foundation has been built, the concrete slab poured, the initial utilities connected, and 3 of the 4 stud walls have been built.

Drag Queen name of the day: Terri Yockey

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