Sunday, September 09, 2007

Weekend potpourri

Fri night we met up with 'the usual suspects' for our weekly dinner at the Miltonian. Afterward Spouse & I drove into Rehoboth and went for a long walk on the boardwalk. It was a lovely night. We've really loved having so many friends and relatives visit us this summer, but we confessed to each other during our walk that we were actually looking forward to the 1st weekend in I-don't-know-how-long with no overnight guests.

We slept in Sat morning until 9:30, then walked the dog, had breakfast at Bob Evans, went to the grocery store, and did a major house cleaning. We moved some furniture around in the 3rd floor TV room in preparation for hosting this month's Gay Men's Movie Night. Then we got our appetizer stuff (all purchased at Trader Joe's when we were in VA 2 weeks ago) and figured out what serving pieces we'd need. When everything was ready we both showered and then walked to Half Full for gourmet pizza. On our walk back home we found 2 neighbors on their front porches so we stopped and chatted with each of them for a few minutes. I love that about living here in Lewes!

Spouse fed and walked the dog as I began putting the appetizers onto their platters and into their bowls. The snacks had a definite international theme: artichoke antipasto, roasted red pepper spread, olive tapenade, sweet corn salsa, grilled veggies, red pepper and eggplant spread with crackers, and mixed country olives and jalapeno stuffed green olives. The movie group arrived, we snacked, then went up and watched our movie selection: "Now, Voyager!" Spouse introduced me to this film years ago and I just love it. Despite the fact that there are no 'love scenes' in this film, it is very romantic. Definitely a must-see, at least twice.

When the last of the movie friends had left, I called my friend Chris. At the beginning of the summer I was introduced to Chris at Freddie's Beach Bar, back in VA. As we were chatting we discovered we'd gone to the same high school for 2 years and had many mutual friends. Chris emailed me a few days ago to let me know he would be in Rehoboth this weekend, but since we had plans Sat & Sun, I suggested we might meet up for a drink Sat night after the movie group had left. So when I called him at 10:15 that's what we decided to do. I met Chris and his 2 friends from Baltimore at the Blue Moon and we had a swell time chatting, laughing, and enjoying our cocktails. Chris is a really sweet guy.

Sun morning our friends Paul & Steve picked us up at 9am for our day trip to Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. Philly is only 2 hours from Lewes. RTM was a railroad terminal that's been converted into a kind of farmers market and specialty foods shop. You can get everything from fresh produce to bees wax candles to infused olive oils to hand-made chocolates.

Our first purchase was at the renown Termini Brothers bakery. Spouse & I got a chocolate eclaire and a canoli to split. They were both fantastic - definitely the absolute best canoli in the world. Then I got fried chicken, macaroni & cheese, and greens from Delilah's. I wasn't familiar with Delilah but Steve told me that Oprah declared Delilah's mac & cheese to be "the best". It was a very tasty lunch! Spouse got a hot turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich he described as "crazy good". I shared some of my lunch with him too. Next we got ice cream from 'world famous' Bassett's. Spouse got butter almond and I got rum raisin. I thought it odd they were 'world famous' since I'd never heard of Bassett's before. But we agreed it was the creamiest ice cream we'd ever eaten; definitely worthy of its 'world famous' status. We rounded out our eating extravaganza with a pretzel, heath bar crunch cookie, and 2 rum truffles. Completely stuffed and barely able to walk to the car, we called it quits. Spouse's full tummy made it hard for him to stay awake on the trip home, but I kept the conversation going with our friends while Spouse occasionally dosed off.

When we returned home we slipped into bed for a decadent, late afternoon nap. I putzed around on the computer for a little while and Spouse watched TV. Then I went swimming in the neighbor's pool. Spouse didn't feel like it. We both had a very light dinner and Spouse returned to watching TV. Its Serious Skin Care week on HSN, dontcha know. I watched last week's 'Design Star' on demand, and will watch tonight's final challenge at 9pm. I love that show, and am hoping Kim wins.

Why is it the weekends pass so quickly?

Drag Queen name of the day: Olive Branch

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