Monday, September 10, 2007

A busy week ahead

I really didn't feel like working today. I probably should have taken the day off, or called in sick. I just didn't feel like dealing with anything today, so I wasted most of the morning reading other people's blogs, checking my personal email, voting for Kim on 'Design Star', and stuff like that. But eventually I had to do something productive and investigate a few things and respond to client and colleague emails. The afternoon passed quickly.

This week promises to be a full one, not work-wise, but personally. We need to go to the grocery store again to pick up all the things we forgot when we were there on Sat. We also need to clean the house again (thanks to our darling dog and cat), go to the liquor store, and make some of the party food on Thurs or Fri night so its ready for Sat's cocktail party.

This Sat is DE Pride. The festivities run from noon to 6pm, although we will not stay the entire time. We've invited about 25 people to a cocktail party from 7-10pm to celebrate Pride day. We're serving several of the Trader Joe's appetizers from last Sat and making some other food too. It should be a fun time, but I'm a little nervous since it will be the 1st time the majority of the guests will see our house. (All our previous guests have been friends from VA.) I really want everything to be clean and look nice.

Unfortunately we can't clean the house in advance because the dog and cat hair will simply have to be vacuumed up again, so I think I'll save the vacuuming for Sat morning before we go to the Pride festivities. Spouse has agreed to make a few of his other 'specialties' on Thurs or Fri night.

I also have something else to do on Wed evening; something I've not yet shared on this blog. I'm going to work out with a personal trainer.

For years I have resisted working out or joining a gym because I didn't want to 'conform' to stereotype that gay men all work out and have gym-toned bodies. Well, that and because I prefer not to sweat or be under any physical stress. I have proudly shared my fitness motto: "No pain, that's great!" I have also encouraged others who don't quite resemble Abercrombie & Fitch models to "love the skin you're in".

But... I'm 43 years old now and gravity is playing a dirty trick on me, tugging at me, pulling my muscles, skin, and fat toward the ground. I looked at myself nude in the mirror and really didn't like what I saw. In fact, I'm pretty sure a little bit of my breakfast came back up into my mouth. So I decided to enlist the assistance of a personal trainer. Naturally I chose Rick, the same trainer Spouse has been working with once a week for nearly a year. He's also a friend and I've told him I'm willing to work out with him as long as he ensures me I will not sweat or be sore... ever. He just laughed and said "Sure!". Somehow I think I'm in for trouble.

Although I do not expect to become a catalog model, hopefully the training and a healthier diet will help slow down the effects of Ol' Man Gravity, and quite possibly have a positive affect on my cholesterol, sugar, etc. Wish me luck!

Drag Queen name of the day: Melba Toast

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tornwordo said...

Best of luck with the trainer. Don't worry, you'll only be sore the next day.