Monday, January 16, 2006

King Yawn

For the 3-day MLK Jr weekend we went to the beach. Sat started out an unseasonably warm and beautiful day. It must have been at least 60 degrees as we walked along the Rehoboth boardwalk without jackets. Later that evening when we went out again we could feel a marked drop in the temperature. It must have dropped 20 degrees in just a few hours. When we got out of the movies at 8:30, it was really cold and windy. Gusty winds blew down the Hooters billboard!

We went to see King Kong, which I retitled King Yawn. Actually, it wasn't that bad, but it was definitely too long. It seemed like every scene just went on longer than it needed to. If they shaved off 1 or 2 minutes from every scene, the plot would stay in tact and the movie would have been about 30 minutes shorter. But as it was, the movie went on for slightly over 3 hours.

Now, I realize this is a 'fantasy' movie, and since we all know that a real King Kong could never exist, there's no point in trying to make it realistic, right? I guess that's what the film maker thought anyway. There were a few big empty holes in the film, like what was it that King Kong snarled and growled at everyone except this one woman? Why did the indigenous people of Skull Island routinely offer human sacrifices to King Kong, when he seemed to have no interest in killing or eating this one woman? And then when the guys drugged King Kong, how in the world did they get him to New York? There's no way they could have dragged him aboard that boat they came in. And even if they could have hoisted him aboard somehow, his weight would have sank the ship. Although scenes with less relation to the plot dragged on and on, this important logistic was completely overlooked.

It was 'okay'. I didn't hate it, I just thought it could have been better. Most of the time I'd say "Don't waste your money. Wait a few months for this film to show up in your video store." But considering the king size of this film, I'm sure its much better viewed on the big screen. In fact, I don't think I'd even bother to rent it because the whole effect would be lost.

We rented 'Wedding Crashers', which we enjoyed. There were a couple of really funny parts, and some of Vince Vaughn's dialog was hilarious. This one won't be nominated for the Golden Globes, but it was a fun diversion.

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