Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Golden Globes

Mon night we watched the Golden Globe Awards. This may not seem unusual, since many gay men love awards shows. Some get together for awards show parties. Joe & I tend not to watch awards shows for two reasons:
1. The audience at some of the awards shows are constantly screaming things to the presenters and winners. "We love you!!!" Blah blah blah.
2. The winners almost always feel obligated to thank a long list of people we don't know and don't care about. "I want to thank my agent, Bruce Lightfoot, my publicist, Susie Shoemaker..." Yadda yadda yadda. We don't know these people and don't care about them. I don't mind it when they thank someone I do know. "I want to thank Steven Spielberg for believing in this script enough to agree to direct it." We all know who Steven Spielberg is, so that seems completely appropriate to me. I also don't mind those cute, somewhat touching thank yous to "my college roommate Sandy who told me to never stop believing in myself and never stop following my dream." Although a tad sappy, it still seems appropriate to me to thank Sandy as you clutch your shiny award on national television.

So anyway, we decided to watch the Golden Globes this year because, for a change, we'd actually seen some of the movies that were nominated. Typically we don't go to the cinema that much - we rent movies when they come to the video store 2 or 3 months after they've been in the cinema, and we watch them in the comfort of our TV room. But this year, we'd seen at least 3 of the movies nominated, and watch some of the TV shows nominated. And since #1 above was not the case, we actually enjoyed the Globes. Here's a rundown of the winners, in case you've not already heard. The ones with the * indicate the ones we've seen.

Best Picture - Drama: Brokeback Mountain*
Best Picture - Musical or Comedy: Walk the Line*

Best Actress - Drama: Felicity Huffman for TransAmerica
Best Actor - Drama: Philip Seymore Hoffman for Capote

Best Actress - Musical or Comedy: Reese Witherspoon for Walk the Line*
Best Actor - Musical or Comedy: Joaquin Phoenix for Walk the Line*

Best Supporting Actress: Rachel Weisz for The Constant Gardener
Best Supporting Actor: George Clooney for Syrianna

Best Director: Ang Lee for Brokeback Mountain*
Best Screenplay: Brokeback Mountain*
Best Movie Song: Brokeback Mountain*

Best TV Series - Drama: Lost
Best Actress - TV Drama: Gena Davis for Commander and Chief
Best Actor - TV Drama: Hugh Laurie for House

Best TV Series - Comedy: Desperate Housewives*
Best Actress - Comedy: Mary Louise Parker for Weeds
Best Actor - Comedy: Steve Carrell for The Office*

Other movies we saw that were nominated by didn't win were King Kong and Crash.

It never ceases to amaze me that movies that have not yet been released sometimes get nominated. Breakfast on Pluto has not yet been released but one of the actors was nominated in the Best Actor - Drama category. Not sure how that happens. I'm looking forward to seeing Breakfast on Pluto, which appears to be something similar to The Crying Game. I also want to see TransAmerica, perhaps this weekend.

American Idol 2006 started last night, with some of the auditions. And most importantly, starting tonight on Logo is Tales of the City - this blog's namesake! Tune in!!!

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