Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dinner at the Newlyweds

Sat night we had dinner at the Newlyweds' (ie: Michael & Jamie). I was excited because it had been a month since we'd last seen them, and because Joe had not yet seen their kitchen remodel.

Most of the months of Nov and Dec the Newlyweds didn't have a kitchen. The old one was demolished and a new one rebuilt in its place, but that doesn't happen overnight. I had stopped over to pick something up a few weeks back and saw the work in progress, but Joe hadn't seen anything since the project began.

Just before Christmas the Newlyweds headed out of town for 3 weeks. They spent the first several days visiting Jamie's parents in Las Vegas. Then they went on a belated honeymoon to Korea and Thailand. They were gone until Jan 15.

So, they invited us over for dinner and to see the finished kitchen. It is SO beautiful. The mosaic tile in shades of cream, tan, and mocha on their walls and the stone countertops with their flecks of green would look absolutely smashing in OUR kitchen! We warned them that we might have to copy their choices when we finally update our kitchen. Their contractor did a great job, the Newlyweds are happy with it, and it looks beautiful.

They invited a neighbor and his boyfriend over for dinner too. We chatted over wine, cheese, crackers and that kind of stuff and all got acquainted. Michael & Jamie told us some of the highlights of their trip, and then we had dinner. They made Afghan food: curried vegetables, lentils, and a potato and beef mixture, along with the traditional Afghan bread used to pick up the food and eat it. I decided to make a joke by whispering in a voice everyone could hear "You forgot the silverware." Fortunately no one thought I was actually that dumb and we all laughed. The dinner was delicious and the conversation enjoyable.

For dessert we had peach melba. I don't recall ever having peach melba before, but I enjoyed it. I don't know what prompted Jamie to decide that's what to make for dessert; its sort of a retro dessert, but it was tasty - especially that raspberry sauce drizzled on top.

After dessert we had more wine and more conversation until someone finally said "Oh my gosh - I can't believe its almost midnight!" We were having such a nice time that the night seemed to fly by. We said our goodbyes and went home. What a lovely time!

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