Monday, January 09, 2006

Being Memorable

I absolutely LOVE IT when friends present me with a gift and say something like "I saw this and thought of you", or "When I saw this it seemed to scream your name", or "The moment I saw this I thought it was SO you". I love being memorable.

So it was with particular glee that I received two special gifts this Christmas.

One was a set of cocktail/dessert plates with martinis on them. Perfect! I love martinis, I love cocktails, I love dessert, I love to entertain. The gift was a perfect match, and the giver of the gift knew it. Oh no - I'm not predictable. I'm memorable.

The second was a package of cocktail napkins with an old black and white photo of two women from 1961 sitting on a sofa with cocktails in hand and a little girl next to them with a sour look on her face. Under the photo in old 'typewriter' font is "Monica dear, that was a precious little story. Now be a sweetheart and go make Mommy another martini." Upon opening this package, I threw my head back, clutched the napkins to my chest and let out and hearty laugh. They were perfect! I'd seen them before, about 2 years ago, but didn't buy them for some reason. Then when I thought better of it and tried to find them again, I wasn't able to find them anywhere. My friend knew.

Knowing my (our) love of vintage stuff, a few years ago a friend gave me a gigantic wooded fork and spoon set, likely from the early 70s. Not to eat with (nobody likes a smart-ass), but to hang on the wall. They were for decoration. My friend confided that he had helped his mother clear out some "stuff" (he almost said junk) in preparation for moving, and he thought we might like them. Well, they're hanging on the wall in our vintage rumpus room. Does that answer your question?

A similar situation occurred with another friend whose parent was getting ready to move. This friend unveiled a set of pink porcelain poodles, probably from the 50s. I loved them! Coincidence? Au contraire, mon ami. Its because of being memorable.

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Billy said...

Well it's only a great gift if the gift really does have a hint of you in it. When my ex gave me the fat anaylizer for Valentine's day and said he thought of me when he saw it.. I wasn't as thrilled. The gift didn't make much sense especially for a Valentine's day gift. BUT in all fairness I can see why he thought of me because I am big time into gadgets. Anyways, Happy New Year to you!