Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Family visit

We're expecting some of our family to visit later this week.

Spouse's sister, son, daughter, and granddaughter are arriving Thurs evening.  Spouse's sister's husband and other son are arriving Fri night, and all are staying through Sun.

If the weather is good they'll probably go to the beach, but they may just decide to just hang out at home.  Friday's forecast is 92 degrees with a 30% chance of thunderstorms, and Saturday's forecast is for 86 degrees and a 40% chance of thunderstorms.

Regardless of what they do, I'm sure we'll have a fun time visiting.  I have to work Fri & Sat but will be with them in the evenings and on Sun.
Our brother-in-law and 2 nephews, Christmas 2017


anne marie in philly said...

have fun with your in-laws!

Bob said...

Full house, good times!