Friday, August 10, 2018

New sink & faucet

So, this year for his birthday Spouse wanted a new single-basin kitchen sink and a new faucet.  I know it sounds weird, but that's what he wanted.

The guys came to install them and started with the faucet, removing the old one and installing the new one.  Next came they removed the sink, but when they went to install the new one, it didn't fit.

You see, we're switching from a double-basin to a single-basin, and although you'd think the sizes would be standard, they're not.  The single-basin sink we picked out wasn't wide enough, so the guys had to re-install the old sink, and I had to try and find one that was a little wider.

Unfortunately the store where the ill-fitting sink was purchased (Lowe's) didn't have one the correct size in stock.  Special ordering it would take at least 10 days.

So I went online to Amazon.  In no time flat I found one the right size, less expensive than the one that got returned, and since it was Prime it arrived in 2 days with no shipping charge.

A couple days later the guys came back and swapped out the old sink with the new one.  
Good bye old double-basin sink and faucet!

Hello new single-basin sink and faucet!
Happy birthday, Spouse!!


anne marie in philly said...

oooooooooooooooh, shiny! spouse has good taste!

Dov said...

My kitchen is getting remodeled and I wanted the same. A single basin sink. Can't wait until the remodeling is done.